The answer is leather pants

I found a pair of leather pants at the vintage market last month and have been surprised by their versatility. But figuring out how to style leather pants casually can be a bit intimidating. So, here are the outfits I’ve put together so far, plus a few new pairs of women’s faux leather pants I like!

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Wearing my whole closet: Weeks 3 & 4

My month of trying to wear as much of my closet as possible is over! Here’s what I wore in weeks 3 and 4 and some observations on trying this little experiment.

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Wearing my whole closet: Week 2

This month I am in a challenge over on Instagram to wear as much of our closets as we can in January. Here’s what I wore this week, plus what I cleaned out of my closet!

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Wearing my whole closet: Week 1

Hello for the first time in 2023! This month I am in a challenge over on Instagram to wear as much of our closets as we can in January. You know how you pick the same 5-10 items out over and over again? Especially when the weather is kinda dreary? We are trying to reach for more items and build more creative outfits to start the year. Here’s what I wore this week!

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What I would wear to grad school orientation

The first day of graduate school can be really nerve-wracking and what to wear to orientation is a small part of that equation! It’s hard to guess how casual or formal the rest of your cohort will look. The good news is that even though it feels like a small yet big decision, you can’t go wrong in your outfit choice. Still, here are 3 outfits I would wear to new grad student orientation if you want some ideas!

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ADAY is making office athleisure so naturally, I had to try it

ADAY Turn it Up Pants in olive and Something Borrowed Shirt in midnight

Sporty business casual clothes are kind of my jam–I love anything that is sweatproof, wrinkle-proof, and includes an elastic waistband because as a teacher, I basically need clothes to be all of those things. So it was only a matter of time before I got curious about ADAY, which makes sustainable office clothes that are sneakily actually comfy enough for travel and weekends. Here, I review the Turn it Up Pants and Something Borrowed Shirt.

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Allbirds Tree Dashers Review + get free socks!

I’ve been testing Allbirds Tree Dashers–the Allbirds version of a running shoe–for the past week. They’ve been through cross training, dance class, and light hiking in that time so I thought I would let you know how they fit and feel–especially if you, like me, have narrow feet. My main questions were about sizing and whether to size up or down and about tread and arch support. Plus, I have a deal from Allbirds for free socks with purchase, if you want!

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Fortress of Inca Boots Review

Last year I made a round up of ethical and sustainable fashion brands that make tall sizes. And there was a glaring issue with the list: no size 11 and 12 (and beyond!) shoes. I have been on the hunt ever since and am so happy to find Fortress of Inca. They make a wide range of classic styles (boots, mules, flats) and are committed to fair trade practices. AND, they’re launching size 11 shoes this month! So here’s a review of their Elise ankle boots and a hint about what styles are about to be in the extended range!

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