Wearing my whole closet: Weeks 3 & 4

My month of trying to wear as much of my closet as possible is over! Here’s what I wore in weeks 3 and 4 and some observations on trying this little experiment.

Professor outfits

Here’s an outfit I wore after seeing a very similar style in a Gap ad. You just never know where pinspo will come from these days. I liked that I had a sporty element here but still felt very professor (I haven’t worn a cardigan buttoned up like this since…high school? but I was into it).

Jacket old from Long Tall Sally

Similar cardigan

Tee (save 15% with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Pants (old, but now I want this linen blend pair for spring!)


For teaching, I wore this ginormous blazer I picked up at the clothing exchange I hosted. It has shoulder pads and a cinched waist, and I’m a bit in love with it. It also seemed like a good style to wear with skinny jeans, which have been chilling in my drawer waiting for me to be excited about wearing them again 🙂

Similar blazer

Similar mockneck tank



Next I wore these pants that in theory, I love, but in practice, I never grab because I don’t know what to do with gray. As you can see, today I opted to wear it with every other neutral I could find. I don’t think I have the “right” shoes for gray and wonder if gray sneakers would help or be too matchy?

Similar sweater

Tee (different spring colors this year!)



Next teaching outfit! The blazer is back, this time with a sweater, pants, and shoes I haven’t worn this season. A real winner for knocking out clothes I haven’t worn yet. This felt chic and androgynous and I loved it.

Cashmere tee (similar and a pretty good deal)

Pants (available secondhand)

Shoes: Everlane Babo–if you see them on Poshmark, I recommend them!

Weekend outfits

Onto some weekend wear! I wore this combo to get this sweater off the “hasn’t been worn” list and have been reaching for it ever since. That is definitely something I’ve noticed during this challenge–once I wear something once, I have more ideas to style it, so I reach for it again! Wearing my clothes takes practice, as it turns out!

Sweater ($25 off with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Ponte pants

Flats (if you’re a size 9 or 1o there are pairs left!)

Here’s a very cozy outfit that only looks like I’m wearing real pants. The Brass sailor pants have quickly become a star in my closet because they are so soft! This is my second pair.

Fuzzy tee is secondhand from COS


Pants ($25 off with code PHDINCLOTHES)


This is the last pair of unworn pants! I had quite a list to work through but we made it just in time. I know which pants haven’t been worn, btw, because I track everything I wear in Stylebook. It takes a little while to set up (I grabbed internet images that are similar to my clothes and imported them) but it’s great for seeing what you own!

Sweater (save 15% with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Pants (I had the tailor lengthen these and they turned out great!)

Waterproof boots

I wrapped up this closet challenge the only way I know how: by going to a vintage market and buying more pants (oops). You’ve already seen this sweater and pants but here are my fun shoes.

What have we learned? This challenge was simple–just deciding to try to wear as much of my closet as I could–yet sparked a lot of creativity. It made me excited to get dressed every day because I knew I was going to reach for variety, instead of the 10 things I usually wear. And I wore a lot of things that hadn’t been worn yet this season– 22 items!

This was definitely a great challenge to try and I recommend it. I’ll be attempting it again in the summer before I let myself go shopping for new summer clothes. I would love to know if you try it, too, and thanks for following along! You can check out the other hosts Molly and Kimi on Instagram as well!

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