Wearing my whole closet: Week 2

This month I am in a challenge over on Instagram to wear as much of our closets as we can in January. Here’s what I wore this week, plus what I cleaned out of my closet!


Monday was my first back to campus day so I decided it was a good day to grab a blazer I hadn’t worn in a while. I love this blazer, so it’s definitely in the “I’m not wearing it cuz I’m saving it” category, which is a category of my mind that makes no sense, but is there.

Blazer (Tibi marvel plaid tie blazer, found secondhand, thought this was was also a cool statement!)


Boots (on sale for $50!)


Tuesday it was rainy and chilly and I went out to a tiki bar, which is about the weirdest outfit prompt I could ever come up with, so I went with statement jeans and a crop top and threw a big coat on top.

Jacket old from Long Tall Sally

Long sleeve crop top


Waterproof boots


Wednesday I wore a giant sweater that is a pain to store, tbh, but very cozy. It also pills a lot so it’s a bit high maintenance. I’m on the fence about keeping it but trying to make the most of it.

Sweater (it appears J. Crew has made a less bulky version)

Pants (also on extreme sale)

Waterproof boots


I’m not sure how I have gone 3 months without wearing this denim jacket, but I guess I think of it as a spring thing? I had a slimmer jean jacket for a long time but bought this men’s Levi’s jacket secondhand last year. I like that it has a super casual vibe!


Bodysuit (best tall size bodysuit I’ve found! Comes in regular too)

Pants (old, but now I want this linen blend pair for spring!)



This was the winning outfit this week, featuring another item I tend to save instead of wearing, the camper boots I bought last fall. I wore them to happy hour and felt fun and cozy for another rainy day.

Sweater ($25 off with code PHDINCLOTHES)





What does one wear to fancy lady tea when it’s still raining? And you don’t know if everyone else is dressing up or not? I was making it up, absolutely, but I picked right because others were in dresses!




That’s the end of week 2! Overall I wore 6 items I hadn’t worn yet this season, and added 8 things to the closet cleanout pile. You can follow my daily outfits on Instagram and check out the other hosts Molly and Kimi as well!

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