Wearing my whole closet: Week 1

Hello for the first time in 2023! This month I am in a challenge over on Instagram to wear as much of our closets as we can in January. You know how you pick the same 5-10 items out over and over again? Especially when the weather is kinda dreary? We are trying to reach for more items and build more creative outfits to start the year. Here’s what I wore this week!


On Monday I wore these sweats I never wear. I always want to wear more white/tan loungewear but pairing it with other things randomly throws me off, and the slight bit of effort needed runs counter to my sweats philosophy. But I did it, and I added a few extra details (socks, hat, lots of necklaces) to make an errands-running outfit feel a bit more like an outfit.

Fuzzy sweater (found secondhand)





The day started with accidentally sewing for an hour, because I got it in my head that I should take this pair of ponte pants and give them a split hem. But I’m happy with the results!

Sweater (old, similar)

Ponte pants (on extreme sale right now)



This was when I started trying to wear every sweater I haven’t worn this winter yet. This cashmere sweater used to be a favorite, so I’m assuming I’m just in a lull on wearing it right now? And I’m going to hold onto it!

Sweater (thrifted, similar)

Pants (15% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Silver necklace (on sale)


Loved this outfit! The big bird sweater is a keeper.


Pants (also on extreme sale)



This outfit took forever to pick out because I was styling this tee I thrifted long ago and haven’t worn because the neck was too tight. It is now mysteriously not too tight so I would like to thank whatever clothing gnomes fixed it in the night.

Sweater (same color!)



Boots (on sale for $50!)


Another sweater I hadn’t worn in a while, plus my new Polene bag (hello midtenure present :). Today I was like “you know what? I never feel super cute in these jeans.” Epiphany! Into the sell pile they went.

Sweater (similar and great for spring temps)



A very simple outfit because I had a busy day with a sewing class. Then, I hosted a stuff swap with my friends! I told them to bring their giveaway pile of clothes/accessories/household goods and we all rummaged around for things we wanted. It was a fun afternoon and I ended up with 2 new sweaters (woops) and a couple of nice lamps!

Sweater (similar)




Here are the pants I sewed! They’re the StyleArc Bob pants. I learned a ton while working on this project and am excited to make a second pair. Also, isn’t it funny how once you wear something once you reach for it again?

That’s the end of week 1! Overall I wore 8 items I hadn’t worn yet this season. You can follow my daily outfits on Instagram and check out the other hosts Molly and Kimi as well!

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One thought on “Wearing my whole closet: Week 1”

  1. Ooo, I love that you included the number of new items you wore this season! I meant to add up how many unique items I’ve worn so far but totally forgot, will have to add that into my posts haha. So far I’ve just been reaching for my usual favorites. I really hope I won’t hate the outfits towards the end of the month! 🙈


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