In search of summer going out tops

I have seen several questions floating around the internet lately about going out tops. You know, the fancy tops we wore in the 2000s/2010s to hit the bar? Preferably with a sock bun, statement necklace, and colorful leggings? What are we wearing out these days–what counts as the going out top of 2023? Here are a few I’m into….

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What I wore: Playing April favorites

April is a tough time in academia–deadlines are approaching, and students sometimes need you to pass the tissues. Plus, it’s getting warm, which fills me with seasonal dread (I know, sorry people who love summer). So it’s no surprise that I reached for the same clothing, style slightly differently, all month. Here are the MVPs.

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In search of eco-conscious watches: Nordgreen Women’s Watch Review

I have been testing out a Nordgreen ladies watch for about 2 weeks now and am here to give you my thoughts. Nordgreen has a lot of eco-friendly credentials and corporate social responsibility accolades to choose from, but of course, there are also basic questions to consider about the quality, fit, and style of their watches. Here’s what I think so far!

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Grad school graduation dresses: The April 2023 round up

Why is finding a grad school graduation dress so hard?! Everything is too short, too Easter, too plain…I never even bought a dress for my PhD commencement because I was stressing over my dissertation. But now that I’m lucky enough to attend a master’s graduation ceremony every year I have decided it might be time to shop. So I’m back with some April 2023 options as more stores release spring styles!

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Grad school graduation dresses

What to wear to grad school graduation is a tricky question! You might have worn something super cute and short (and white? if that’s a tradition where you are) for undergrad graduation, but grad school commencement can feel a bit different, because you may be around your supervisors, professors, and even your own students. Here are some options I found for us for Spring 2023 graduation.

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The answer is leather pants

I found a pair of leather pants at the vintage market last month and have been surprised by their versatility. But figuring out how to style leather pants casually can be a bit intimidating. So, here are the outfits I’ve put together so far, plus a few new pairs of women’s faux leather pants I like!

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My go-to comfy work from home clothes: Leze the Label review

A review of Leze is definitely a long time coming here–because I wear their lounge workwear pretty much every day when I work from home (and before work, and after work). Finding comfy work clothes is definitely a holy grail, so here I’ll review my favorite of their pants and sweatshirts, plus info about sizing! I also have a discount code for you!

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