My everyday jewelry as an extreme accessory minimalist

I have been meaning to talk about my favorite dainty, simple jewelry for some time now. Having a capsule wardrobe is all about limiting closet choices to your favorites and wearing them again and again, but up until a few years ago I mostly had jewelry I thought was so-so, jewelry I hadn’t picked, and jewelry I hadn’t worn in forever. So today I’m discussing how I cleaned out my collection, learned to pick what I want, and how I manage jewelry minimalism these days! Plus, some mini-reviews of jewelry from brands you might have seen floating around online, including GLDN, Monica Vinader, and Mejuri.

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My unprofessional closet

When you shop for clothes, what are your rules for buying something? One of my rules comes in the form of a question sparked by professor paranoia: Is it work appropriate? What if I run into a student? Here’s why I’m trying to throw that question out.

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How do you celebrate yourself?

I’ve recently come to the understanding that I am pretty bad at celebrating professional accomplishments. Academic life is a long stream of asking “are we there yet” about your research, so I believe it’s important to schedule some stop points for joy. Which leads me to ask: How do you celebrate yourself??

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The case for an unplanned capsule wardrobe

This week I got a major wardrobe upgrade that cost me $0–I re-capsuled my closet. Here are the outfits that change inspired!

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