Grad school graduation dresses

What to wear to grad school graduation is a tricky question! You might have worn something super cute and short (and white? if that’s a tradition where you are) for undergrad graduation, but grad school commencement can feel a bit different, because you may be around your supervisors, professors, and even your own students. Here are some options I found for us for Spring 2023 graduation.

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Review of the Allbirds Pipers

I have been testing out Allbirds cutest casual shoe, the piper, for a couple weeks now. I think they’re a perfect chill white sneaker that goes with dresses and can dress down my business clothes as well. Here, I talk sizing, review their comfort & support level, and how they compare to other Allbirds favorites–the tree dashers and runners! Plus, I have a coupon code for you if you want to add a treat to your order!

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A search for festive, flat holiday shoes

I posted to Instagram this week asking for help finding a shoe I can wear to holiday parties. My requirements are pretty annoying: I don’t like to wear heels, but I still want something shiny or sparkly that feels festive. Thankfully, you all delivered on great suggestions, so I thought I would round them up here for anyone else looking!

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The realistic, comfy, walkable business casual shoe round up for 2022

With the state of technology in the world you think we would have solved comfortable and stylish women’s shoes by now, but it appears we have not. Is it too much to ask that I want support, a low or no-heel style, and something that looks professional, all while being age-appropriate for a 20- or 30- something? Apparently so. But here’s what I’ve got that I endorse for your office and conference wear in 2022.

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My fall/winter closet updates of 2022

Sometimes the season changes without incident. Other times, I have a full closet crisis. This year I’m dealing with the latter–just a struggle to get dressed, some obvious closet holes, and a feeling that a few items no longer suit me. So, I’ve made some closet updates this fall! Here’s what I’ve bought and what I’m still looking for.

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Help us find tops to wear under a suit!

Finding the right shirt to wear under a blazer or suit can be tricky, and was a source of stress when I was on the academic job market. A reader recently requested I do an updated round up–just in time for conference and interview season! Here are a few women’s tops that are perfectly unfussy under a blazer, and I would love to hear your recommendations!

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Back to school shopping for grad students and professors: Athleta

Welcome back to back-to-school shopping for college teachers! Today we’re going somewhere a bit unexpected: Athleta. Athleta makes activewear, yes, but they also make some pretty nice sweatproof and wrinkle-free clothing that can pass as casual office style. If you’re a professor or grad student who is about to teach in late summer weather I think they should be on your list.Here’s what I tried on!

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Back to college shopping for grad students and professors: Loft try-ons!

If you’re about to start teaching college, building a closet of teaching clothes can be daunting. So this week we’re going back to the place I went shopping when I started grad school–Loft–to try on some professor-friendly styles for fall!

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