Spring clothing wishlist and mood board

The shopping monster in me is never stronger than it is in late February. I’ve been trying not to shop (yet), in order to make smarter spring and summer wardrobe decisions. So instead, I’ve been pinning away. Here are a few items I am eyeing for warmer weather…

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Apartment tour + our favorite renter’s decor tricks

We are a few months away from packing up our apartment–which I am dreading because I hate moving but also because I have never lived somewhere for longer in my adult life (4 years!). Before things start to get disassembled, I decided to do a little glamour shoot for our apartment. Here are some pictures, if you would like to see…

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A review of all my Madewell jeans

Before I started purchasing jeans at Madewell, most of my jeans came from Forever 21. That meant they cost $25 (pro) but also that they were rarely long enough and usually didn’t fit the way I wanted (con….). Then I switched to Gap jeans ($60) and thought they were a lot better, but still not perfect. So today I’m here to answer the question “should I splurge on Madewell jeans?” which is something I have only done in the last 2 years or so. The answer: depends on what you want!

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Outfits lately and an update on my shopping hiatus

Hello internet. It’s me, Rebecca. I took the last month off of Instagram because I need to graduate. Turns out that if you delete the Instagram app you can write 100 pages in 5 weeks #woops #distracted

But I missed my outfit picture community! So here are some outfit pics I took while I was away, plus a few thoughts on the shopping hiatus I took in January.

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I tried #12daysofminimalism

Are you ready for some ugly pictures?? I am currently on day 9 of an Instagram challenge called #12daysofminimalism. It’s pretty simple–on day 1, clean out 1 item, on day 2, 2 items, and so forth. So far I’ve learned that just because you have a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean the rest of your life is not cluttered. Like ugh. Here’s what I’ve cleaned out so far.

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Beginning of December outfits + reading

I am currently enjoying what we in dissertation-land call draft purgatory. You know, where you have sent a draft of something to your advisor, and they haven’t given you comments back yet. So you do nothing. For like a week.

Usually I love draft purgatory. But I have a lot on my mind right now, job market-wise, and have definitely learned over the last month that research is your only form of agency on the job market. You can’t control the jobs. The only thing you can do is try to graduate.

Anyway. Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.


Shiny mules: These are the exclamation point on all my outfits now! $22 at Target. Another great source of styling inspo is Natalie Borton, who is rocking gold mules!

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