6 things I actually wear when it’s 100 degrees out

I have a really hard time figuring out what to wear when it’s 100 degrees out (or more). The truth is no clothing seems reasonable for extremely hot weather, and most sources of fashion inspo don’t account for these temperatures. So here are some outfits and closet essentials that I am actually wearing for high summer.

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Gifts for academics: Dissertation and thesis, tenure and promotion, and new job presents

Academia is full of big milestones: thesis and dissertation defenses, graduations, jobs and promotions. And yet those moments can feel a bit anticlimactic, especially when they’re happening over Zoom (ahem, see above)! It’s nice to celebrate the people around us and create some joy, so today I am rounding up some thoughtful gifts for new graduate students and professors, graduations, and promotions.

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My year of fun clothes: I think capsule wardrobes messed me up–here’s my year of statement buys so far

Earlier this year I expressed that I think having a capsule closet may have caused me to overcorrect my wardrobe to one where my clothes were TOO uniform and middle-of-the-road. And based on the comments, some of you are also feeling this way. Here’s what I’ve bought since then to add interest back into my style…

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What I wore: Turkey

I’ve fallen behind, woops! Today let’s do a quick round up of what I wore, saw, and ate in Istanbul, Turkey! We were in Istanbul for 3 days and it was absolutely fantastic–here are my packing tips and can’t miss sites!

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What I wore: Greece

Leg one of our summer travel adventure has wrapped up and Iā€™m sitting in an airport, so assessing my summer conference and tourism packing list feels like a good way to pass the time. Here are the outfits I wore in Athens and on the Greek islands, plus my best packing extras and a few Athens tips!

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The Academic Conference / Extended Vacation Summer Packing List!

So you’ve been invited to a work conference in an exciting locale–the type of city or country that makes you think about staying for a while after conference presentations are over. But what to pack, and what to wear, especially for hot weather? How to fit business casual clothing and beachwear into the same suitcase? I’m currently in this conundrum so let’s figure it out together. Plus, I made you a packing list you can print!

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Spring teaching outfits, part 4

Welcome back to spring teaching outfits! Whether you’re a grad student or professor, I’ll bet you’re excited to see the sun again and finally transition to warm weather clothes. But, what to wear in the classroom? Here are 5 more easy ideas for spring teacher style. Plus, my new haircut šŸ˜‰

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Spring teaching outfits, part 3

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how I want my style to look here–sporty, fuss-free, modern, minimalist, tailored, etc etc. After my last closet cleanout, I’m finally feeling pretty good about what I have and how it fits my work and lifestyle. It’s a really good feeling! Here are a few outfits that I am excited to be able to make for spring.

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Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 Review + get free socks!

I’ve been testing Allbirds Tree Dashers 2–the second Allbirds version of a running shoe–for the past week. They’ve been through cross-training, dance class, and walking in that time so I thought I would let you know how they fit and feel–especially in terms of tread, sizing, arch support, and if you can add insoles to them. And yes, we’ll discuss if they’re good for running and other exercise classes. Plus, I have a discount code from Allbirds for free socks with purchase, if you want!

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