The week in professor outfits, plus Christmas reading

The semester is over! Maybe a contemplative post about what the first semester is like as a new professor is coming your way. Once I have the words for it. For now, I’m just grateful for great students, colleagues who are friends, and the amount of potluck leftovers that have graced our break room this week. Here’s what I wore and read.

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Vegas for people who hate Vegas: What to do in Vegas besides The Strip

Ah yes, the holidays. Do you have a friend throwing a Vegas bachelorette party, in-laws skipping Christmas cooking and checking into the Bellagio, or a winter work conference in Vegas? It seems that people can think of just about a billion reasons to show up here in the winter. I, as a new Vegas resident, have to level with you: I have never enjoyed coming to Las Vegas on vacation. If you, too, don’t gamble or enjoy partying past 10 PM, you might be wondering: What can I do in Vegas that is off The Strip? Here’s my suggested itinerary–whether you have a few hours, half a day, or a full weekend to spare.

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What I wore to my winter work conference

I love a good work conference packing list, and it seems like you guys do, too, so here are all of my conference outfits from my recent trip! Academic conference dress codes can be hard to decode so I like to hang out at the sweet spot of comfortable and polished. The power of good clothes is important for me when I’m dealing with conference jitters (especially because at academic conferences you are often presenting, eek!). So, here’s what I wore, plus a list of extras that I always make sure to pack in my bag.

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Easy winter outfits with skirts

It’s not *quite* freezing yet so I’m enjoying some in-between dressing right now, and I’ve made quite a few outfits with midi skirts and sweaters this month! This is an easy winter outfit idea for work and it has definitely become a habit of mine. Here are four midi skirt and sweater combos I’ve been enjoying:

Sweaters and midi skirts
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Review and Giveaway: Teeth Whitening Coffee Stains Away

I’ve graduated from grad school. I’m trying to be a functioning adult. Yet a big, lingering sign that I’ve just written a 300-page dissertation is still around: Coffee Stains! It’s no secret that coffee shop writing is the best. I just wish it hadn’t left my teeth quite so yellow. After searching the at-home teeth whitening products available I decided to partner with Smile Brilliant and the shortest review I can give you of this stuff is IT WORKS.

The longer review I can give you is I’m a pansy/following directions is hard/my dentist shamed me into this/I’m never using normal whitening strips again. Too much in a sentence? Don’t worry. We’ll get there.

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What to wear to a winter conference

I’m off to an academic conference this week and it’s slated to be very chilly (ok just regular chilly if you live on the east coast)–here’s my work conference packing list for when it’s cold out:

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What do I even do with dad jeans?

The question of how to style dad jeans (in this case, vintage Levis) has probably been answered a million times on the internet, but that didn’t stop me from putting them on multiple mornings, getting stuck, staring at tops, and finally chickening out and putting them away. So this week I made three combos that I know for sure I like with light wash jeans. Here they are, if dad jeans (or mom jeans…is there a difference?) vex you as well.

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Reviews: Products I bought to solve problems and whether they worked or not

Well, that’s a long winded title, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do in todays post! So much of marketing exists to convince us we have a problem we can buy our way out of. Most of these claims are overstated. Some of them turn out to be kind of true. Here are some problems I’ve tried to address lately and reviews of the products that accompanied my crusade against them…

Problem: Dry cleaning bills.

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