Allbirds Tree Dashers Review + get free socks!

I’ve been testing Allbirds Tree Dashers–the Allbirds version of a running shoe–for the past week. They’ve been through cross training, dance class, and light hiking in that time so I thought I would let you know how they fit and feel–especially if you, like me, have narrow feet. My main questions were about sizing and whether to size up or down and about tread and arch support. Plus, I have a deal from Allbirds for free socks with purchase, if you want!

So, the Tree Dasher sizing: This is my first pair of Allbirds, but Trevor has and loves the bamboo pair. I have the Dashers in flame in a size 10.5. I’m usually a true 10.5 across the board in running shoes and wasn’t sure whether to size up or not here. I ended up not and I’m glad I didn’t with narrow feet because my heels feel pretty secure in this size (there’s great padding in the back of the heel which I think helps significantly). However, there is absolutely no breathing room in my toes and if I was in between sizes I would definitely size up.

This is also one of Allbirds only pairs with a 10.5 in womens–so in any other Allbirds shoe with only whole sizes I would pick the size 11. This is consistent with what all my friends say who love Allbirds.

Activity types: As I said, I wore these to do a bunch of stuff this week! I took them on the trail, did some weight lifting, and did Zumba in them.

Would I run in them? Probably not. I need a lot of arch support and I feel supported in these but not as supported as I’m used to in a running shoe. However, if you like a shoe that feels very light these definitely pass that test.

Also, the traction on the bottom is not a lot–I was ok on this gravel trail but would not attempt a more serious trail. This is also a preference of mine with outdoor running shoes, which actually brings me to an unexpected perk of the Dashers: they’re totally excellent for cross training, weight lifting, and dance fitness.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find shoes I like for Zumba because I want support but too much traction makes it hard to spin (which is actually bad for your knees in dance fitness). So, I’m totally thrilled to unexpectedly have a new indoor gym shoe that is sustainably made (and pretty cute)! I wore them for a whole class and they felt light and I basically forgot I had them on, so I would also say they have no break in time!

I hope this review is helpful if you’re eyeing the newer Allbirds running shoes. I have an affiliate link for free socks with any shoe order–just click the link and add socks to your cart and when you go to checkout they will zero out! Allbirds doesn’t do discounts so this is a nice perk if you’re looking to purchase.

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

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