Simple professor work outfits: Week 2

Welcome back to simple business casual outfits–week 2! This week I was focused on dressing for fall transition weather and styling my jeans for the office. I didn’t mean to build a capsule wardrobe but it turns out so many of my items mix and match that I am reaching for them again this week! Here are 5 more outfits!

Light sweater + joggers + loafers

I love a pumpkin spice vibe and a light sweater is the perfect shot of color in my usually black and white closet. I also got these fun snake loafers last year and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what they go with (basically: everything).

Top (old, similar)



Blazer + screen tee + joggers

I absolutely abide by the dress code of your M/W/F people don’t know your T/Th life so yes, I do sometimes wear pants twice in a row. I am pretty self conscious about screen tees because so often they say things that are kind of embarrassing to me (I’m probably just too easily embarrassed but why do I need a shirt that says “weekends,” you know?). Anyway, I’ve solved this by only buying screen tees on vacation. I don’t know why it works for me, it just does. This shirt says abso-Butte-ly and I bought it in Montana, so it has a special place in my heart!

Blazer (secondhand, similar)

Joggers (get $25 off your first order with REBECCA25)


Blazer + summer dress + strappy sandals

Another week of not quite saying goodbye to summer dresses. I have realized that during transition weather it’s easiest for me to layer the part of me that gets cold (my arms) while rocking summer items everywhere else, hence this maybe weird combo of minimalist sandals and layers up top!

Blazer (part of my job interview suit! linking to similar)

Dress (old, this years version)

Sandals (secondhand, similar)


Wrap top + dress pants +mules

Ok I’ve realized my new favorite outfit combo is all dark + one light colored item or vice versa and here we have an example. I feel very Scandinavian style in this one because of the shoes and other interesting structured pieces. This wrap top was love at first sight. Banana Republic targeted me with an ad for it and I’m upset at how well they know me.

Top (ethically made version)


Shoes (secondhand, similar)

Bag (secondhand, search “form bag” + Everlane on Poshmark)

Blazer + tee + straight leg jeans and boots

We’re back in all dark items except for the shoes! I’m trying to mix up my neutrals more in unexpected ways–I find that the more I layer the chic-er I feel (well, either that or I spend a lot of time having a crisis wondering if I can wear all those neutrals together!). Black AND brown AND white? Somehow I’m into it. I have recently heard that soft blues and purples and pinks actually act more like neutrals than statement colors and I think this seaglass top is certainly getting along with everything else for that reason here (but color theory experts you just let me know if I’m wrong, haha).

Blazer (secondhand, similar)

Shirt ($25 off your first order with code REBECCA25)


Boots (secondhand, similar)

See you next week for week 3, or check out week 1 here! Hope you have a good week!

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