Simple professor work outfits: Week 3

Welcome back to simple business casual outfits–week 3! This week I dressed down my suit jackets and blazers for a more informal office setting. Here are 5 more academic fashion outfits!

Sleeveless top + blazer + midi skirt +boots

So, yes, I have watched The Chair on Netflix and Sandra Oh’s style is soooo fun (same goes for all the characters!). I feel like this is an outfit she would wear: several business items but also something a little practical and even clunky (the boots!).

Blazer (similar)

Top (secondhand, if you find something similar please share!)

Skirt (secondhand, similar)

Boots (these are a splurge but wonderfully waterproof–I found mine at an end of season sale!)

Shift dress + blazer + sneakers

Ok so I’ve totally realized by academic outfit formula by doing this month of outfits: it’s 2 business items and 1 casual item per outfit. A button down and flats? Add jeans! Block heeled shoes and trousers? Add a tee! And today–blazer and work dress, add the chillest slip on sneakers. This formula is extra appreciated because my walk to my classroom this semester is looooong.

Blazer (secondhand, similar)

Dress (get $25 off with code REBECCA25)


Tee + wide leg pants + boots

See? 2 dressy 1 casual piece. I have been enjoying mixing more neutrals and nearly-neutrals lately and this blue-green shirt somehow seems to go with just about everything!


Pants (get $25 off your order with code REBECCA25)

Boots (secondhand, similar)

Bag (secondhand, search ‘form bag’ and Everlane on Poshmark)

Blazer + chambray + white pants + boots

This outfit felt a little…equestrian? IDK. I wasn’t super sold on it until I took the picture. Sometimes it’s nice when your basics come together to make something new!

Blazer (similar)

Shirt (similar)



Cardigan + bright top + classic jeans + flats

Ahhh this outfit had so many elements in it and yet I put it on and loved the mix of textures! I recently found these true blue jeans secondhand and have been enjoying styling them instead of my typical very dark or black denim.

Sweater (similar)


Jeans (similar–and sizes 4-30 in 3 inseams!)


One week to go! Or start at the beginning here.

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