Simple professor work outfits: Week 1

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I made a professor outfits capsule wardrobe and I thought it was about time I created some fall professional outfits. I am feeling very peak academic fashion–fall weather always does that to me–so here are some professor outfit ideas for women!

Sleeveless top + dress pants +boots

We are very much in transition weather here so I’m feeling like reuniting with my boots while still being realistic about the afternoon temperature. I just bought these boots secondhand and they feel like the exclamation point on any outfit! I kind of feel like I’m posing as an art professor in this one (but maybe you art professors can tell me if that’s accurate!).

Top (secondhand, if you find something similar please share!)


Boots (secondhand, similar)

Summer dress + plaid blazer + flats

I actually bought this white dress for my bridal shower but I’m determined to make it work far beyond that, and it turns out a white midi dress is awesome for fall! It provides lightness and contrast to all my darker winter clothing. Today, I put it with a plaid blazer and sharp black flats. I felt cozy but also found de-layering easy in the afternoon!

Blazer (secondhand, similar)

Dress (old, this year’s version)


Mockneck tank + wide leg pants + strappy sandals

Ahhh this outfit felt 90s in the best way! I picked my most breathable wide leg pants and a mockneck tank for fall vibes. I’ve seen a bunch of retailers showing wide leg pants with strappy sandals so I finally decided to try it. I felt like a million bucks in this one and isn’t that the goal to settle teaching nerves?!

Tank (secondhand, similar)

Pants (get $25 off your order with code REBECCA25)

Sandals (secondhand, similar)


Shift dress + mules

A one and done dress is the best when it’s late in the week and I’m out of cares. I feel like adding a mule is unexpected and a little clunky with this outfit and I am into the contrast lately. This is still pretty simple, though, so I added some neon earrings to perk it up a little bit.

Earrings (made in my very home and yes I will ship them to you!)


Shoes (secondhand, similar)

Bag (secondhand, search “form bag” + Everlane on Poshmark)

Chambray + dress pants + strappy sandals

Friday!!! Phew I am so done. After a year of teaching online being in person again really wipes me out. This was an easy Friday choice. I’ve had this chambray shirt for 5+ years so I occasionally put it in storage for a season or two. This year I’ve felt renewed interest in wearing it, and this combo made it feel fresh again! It was probably this button up styling trick that did it for me.

Shirt (similar)


Sandals (secondhand, similar)


See you next week for week 2 of professor style! Hope you have a good week!

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