You should thrift that: Vince, Theory, and Equipment

Hello friends and welcome back to “you should thrift that,” where I highlight brands that I have had great success with secondhand. Today we are talking about Vince, Theory, and Equipment. These are a brands that sells at Nordstrom and makes classy work staples at eye popping prices (over $200, usually). So, what’s a person to do who is looking for their dream Equipment silk shirt, or a smart Theory blazer, for cheaper? Don’t worry, it’s alll over Poshmark.

What I have thrifted: When writing this blog post I realized just how many great items I’ve found from three brands, including

-1 cashmere sweater (Theory)

-2 silk shirts (Vince, Equipment)

-1 cotton sweater (Equipment)

-The best t shirt of my life (Vince)

How I look for it: There are tons of items from each of these brands on Poshmark. One challenge is the inconsistent pricing: some people want $200 for a Theory blazer, some want $30. I suggest sorting by the item type you’re looking for. If you find the perfect item and it’s extremely expensive, try looking for other listings of the same item–they’re usually out there–by sorting prices from low to high. And don’t be afraid to peruse listings with terrible photography instead of stock photos and a mannequin.

I also like to search by fabrics here so I’ll type in “cashmere” or “silk” and then filter down to the brand I’m looking for. My Theory cashmere is the most ridiculously indulgent cashmere sweater I have ever felt. I had no idea what a difference cashmere could feel like at different quality levels until I felt it.

Sizing: Being unfamiliar with sizing is one reason I am hesitant to buy things online from brands I’ve never tried before so I’ll try my best to help here but never be afraid to ask an online seller for measurements! If they measure an item flat you can compare those measurements to an item in your closet that fits well by laying it down on the floor and measuring it!

Theory: Fits are generally slightly oversized.

Equipment: Fits like typical fast fashion (Madewell, J. Crew) to slightly small (I am usually a small in tops but should have sized up to a medium in my Equipment silk top).

Vince: Fits are generally slightly oversized but ask for measurements–I have an older Vince suit jacket in an 8 and it fits but is a little snug (I’m usually a 6 in jackets at J. Crew and similar stores).

Oh, and did I mention my t shirt obsession? That unassuming gray shirt in the first picture is from Vince and it’s like wearing a hug. I guess that it explains why it retails for $70 (but I got mine on Poshmark for $25).

Happy hunting!

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