What I wore this week

First week of school professor outfit ideas? Coming right up!

Hello friends! Here is what I wore this week!

Monday I taught in person for the first time in a year and a half. It felt sooo good to talk to students face to face (but, you know, mask to mask) again. Was being in masks weird? Yes. But I sort of forgot after 10 minutes anyway.

I should note that I just got these dress pants and they are the best summer dress pants I have ever owned. They are unbelievably light and breathable for how polished they look. I might even like them more than a dress because I feel just as cool but with slightly more sun protection??

Anyway, I always start out on day 1 wearing the fanciest teaching outfit I can muster. Easier to go downhill and end up in jeans and ponte pants by December 🙂


Pants ($25 off with code REBECCA25)


Purse (secondhand, search “Transport zip top” and Madewell in secondhand markets)

Tuesday I didn’t go to campus and I took a nap because it turns out talking to people is hard work. I’m drinking a sparkling soda as much as I would have enjoyed a 1 PM beer.

Tee (secondhand Madewell)

Shorts (these are the best and on sale)


Hello it’s Dr. Rebecca to you. The answer is on the syllabus. This dress + a bun was a little business for me! But I really liked it. I wore this to teach Wednesday.

I’ve also started a new closet clean out system where I just put things I haven’t worn in a while out of sight in their own closet corner. If I organically think “where is X item?! I should wear that!” that’s a sign to put the thing back in the main closet. If not, I’ve decided at the end of each season to clean out what is back there. This dress was the first out of the purgatory corner–hasn’t been worn in a year and it is hard to say what business clothes will return but this is such an easy choice to look polished!



At the end of the week we had a welcome back BBQ as a college. But it was outside due to COVID. And it was 110 degrees out! The shade was insufficient (as I knew it would be) so a breezy dress and high ponytail and a lot of SPF was the way to go.

Dress (old, this years version–get $25 off with code REBECCA25)


Tote (secondhand, search “form” and Everlane)

I spent the weekend chilling out, resting my voice, and watching the John Wick movies, which I had never seen, haha. I also talked a little bit about tailoring my clothes on Instagram–here is my reel of tailored items, if you would like to see!

Have a good week!

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