What I wore this week

Having to professor five days a week is a big adjustment. At least I get to wear my office outfits! Plus, some weekend outfit ideas!

Hello friends! Here is what I wore this week!

Monday I was officially ~~back on contract~~ and it was time to do faculty things, like meet our new graduate students. “Is it ok that I look like a goblin?” I asked Trevor. I don’t know why these shoes give me such mythical creature vibes but I totally love that they add a funky masculine element to any outfit.

Dress (on sale and now I want the other colors)

Shoes (secondhand, search “babo” and Everlane on poshmark)

Purse (secondhand, search “form bag” and Everlane on poshmark)

Tuesday we had our faculty retreat, which I have learned is a fun way to say “8 hour meeting.” It’s actually fairly painless when you like your coworkers but I still wanted to be extra comfy so I picked a chill dress and sneakers.

At the last minute I thought about how I’m always cold when I’m inside too long so I picked a blazer. I felt a bit overdressed but everyone else was also freezing and kept saying they wished they had brought jacket so I was happy I had it.

Dress (old, this years version–get $25 off with code REBECCA25)



Wednesday I was over it because talking to people is hard, so I mostly stayed home and wrote. It felt really good to squeeze in a bit more solitary productivity time (even if my inbox was blowing up).


Bike shorts


I think I failed to get Thursday/Friday looks so here are some weekend outfits! I wore this to an outdoor party. I put my hair up in a ponytail with a couple braids and really enjoyed having it out of my face all night.

Jumpsuit (secondhand from Gap–comes in a tall size!)


Then this weekend Trevor and I went out to lunch, which we haven’t done in so long! I feel so lost on COVID guidelines right now. Should I be in my house? In Europe? It’s super unclear. We’re trying to do our best to avoid crowds or unnecessary risks still (going back to in person teaching certainly doesn’t help with anxiety on that part).

BUT! I don’t know how you all feel but I never feel like I dress for date night. I just wear normal clothes? This was an actual outfit that made me feel like I was going on a date so I felt accomplished!

Tank (old, search J. Crew Factory camisoles on Poshmark)

Shorts (sized up one in these–loose shorts 4ever)

Sandals (thrifted, similar)

Have a good week!

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