You should thrift that: Eileen Fisher

Welcome to you should thrift that! A new series where I tell you about brands that I have found great success buying secondhand. Today: Eileen Fisher. Here’s how I find the best Eileen Fisher items!

Eileen Fisher is one of my favorite brands to find secondhand: it’s extremely pricey new ($200-ish) but abundant in both thrift shops and secondhand online stores, so the prices stay low. I’ve found everything secondhand from the brand for under $30.

Some Eileen Fisher specific tips: Items run big (when in doubt, ask for measurements!). Pay attention to fabric content. My favorite online searches are “silk,” “raw silk” and “linen” and then I filter by brand. In person shopping? Eileen Fisher makes a bunch of raw silk items, which are the best because they are 1) usually machine washable and 2) feel amazing on (not shiny or slinky feeling, almost more like really soft linen).

My favorite choice? These 100% silk pants with a tapered leg and an elastic waistband. I have two pairs now because they drape so nicely and work really well for hot weather. They look like this online if you want to keep an eye out!

Here are some of the ways I’ve worn them recently. Happy thrifting!

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