What I wore this week

An easy thrifted DIY and the end of casual summer outfits.

Hello friends! Here is what I wore this week!

Monday I went into the office and worked on my syllabi (CRIES). I am so not ready for the semester but getting the class prep out of the way helped a great deal. At least I really liked this outfit, probably because I’ve realized I like any outfit that is 2/3rd light colors, 1/3rd dark colors (or vice versa). Try it. Report back!

Earrings (full disclosure these ship from my house!)


Skirt (thrifted, similar)

Sandals (thrifted, similar)

I wore this outfit to Ikea, which was probably entirely overdressed, but whatever. I really liked it and then decided we needed to go get bao buns for lunch to make a date of it. Nothing like carbs and furniture assembly! We just got a basic bookcase or I would show you 🙂

Shirt (old, this years version)

Shorts (shortened 3 inches)

Wednesday I wore my new t shirt–if you can call such a fancy knit a t shirt–and was immediately understanding of the hype around the Brass layers because I felt fancy but soooo cozy. I sized up to a medium in this and think it fits well!

Tee ($25 off your first Brass order using code REBECCA25)

Shorts (so excited Brass has a secondhand market now!)



Thursday I don’t think I left the house and I was super super bored by this. I’m definitely feeling the weirdness of “the news is crushing and I shouldn’t leave my house” combined with “why is everyone on my instagram in Europe.” No shame to those (vaccinated) travelers–it’s a confusing time with little direction about what we should be doing.


Pants (secondhand)

Shoes (secondhand, similar–this is a pair the cobbler redid for me! More on that soon!)

Friday I had a crisis, realized I spent the whole summer working and not summer-ing, and decided not to work and went vintage shopping instead. You all were very helpful voting on Instagram for what to buy 🙂 It was nice to have a solo adventure, drive and listen to music, buy some coffee, and generally not speak to anyone for a few hours. That’s my idea of a nice afternoon, haha.

Tee ($25 off your first Brass order using code REBECCA25)

Shorts (sized up one in these–loose shorts 4ever)

Sandals (mine are the “light multi” color)

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the floor in my bathroom cutting the sleeves off this fun blouse:

And I put a raw hem on some Levis. And convinced Trevor that they fit us both and we should split them.

Have a good week!

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