My mega Third Love review: Everything I’ve ever tried

Is anyone else headed back to the office and suddenly finding their bra collection inadequate? If you’re like me, you get barraged with nothing but bra ads any time you’re on social media. It’s hard to judge how good any of those instagram ad bras are, so today I’m reviewing Third Love bras and answering some questions about quality, if they stretch out, and comfort level! I review the classic t-shirt bra, the bras I actually like MORE than those (spoilers: pima cotton) and their everyday cotton and comfort stretch underwear.


I’ve tried multiple bras from Third Love at this point, in fact, they are all that is left in my drawer, but not all bras are created equal, so let’s go from favorite to least favorite:

The pima cotton bra: This is absolutely the bra I can wear every day and entirely forget I am wearing it. It’s SO SOFT, it definitely actually feels like a stretchy jersey shirt. I don’t really have much to say about it besides that. I recently found my more accurate bra size and have been slowly buying things in that new size–I found the size calculator was spot on for this bra.

The classic t shirt bra: This was the first bra I tried from Third Love and I was impressed. The straps are the obvious selling point to me because they don’t slip down and the texture on the straps helps them stay put under clothes as well. I have 2 classic t shirt bras still, but since I went up a size I have found that they creak a little bit?! Only in the bigger size. It’s not a huge deal but not my favorite thing. If you’re between two sizes on this one I would take the smaller cup size.

In terms of quality: This is the bra I’ve had the longest (2+ years). I haven’t noticed any major issues in that time, and it still fits so I don’t think it’s stretched out too much. I did switch around that time to washing all bras in my bathroom sink–I fill the sink and put in a capful of this. I let them sit for 10 minutes and then rinse and hang to dry. My bras have definitely been happier since I made this move.

The pima cotton plunge bra: This was my favorite bra of the bunch until I saw how it made my top half look under some t shirts–it’s very wideset which is probably useful if you have that breast shape but for me it just makes my chest even wider (and thus it is not as useful under button down shirts). I still reach for it, I just avoid it with clingy knits and buttons.

Lace contour plunge: Third Love promised me lace I could actually wear and…I can wear this. It’s not scratchy. It’s just that there’s a lot of lace on the straps and it usually peaks out under tank tops and scoop neck tees. Which could be very cute and flirty if that’s your thing! It’s just inconvenient to dress around when that’s not the look you are going for.

Strapless bra: This bra is excluded from general rankings because it is strapless so I definitely don’t test it for everyday wear. It’s a generally good strapless bra, though! I mean it fits and I don’t have to adjust it very often. It’s still strapless, though. I’m aware that I have it on when I’m wearing it. My only regret is that I wish I had gone up one from my typical cup size.


Ok, on to underwear. I’m pretty picky about underwear in general and hate any sort of shiny fabric that’s billed as seamless but is actually just a wedgie in disguise. So, I pretty much only like cotton underwear and Third Love makes the best pairs in my opinion. I like both the briefs and the thongs. I have a pair that is covered in boobs and that makes me giggle.

On the other hand, I find their comfort stretch line to be, well, not that comfy. But you do you if that’s the kind of fabric you like.

So there you have it! I’m not a Third Love influencer or anything but I do have a $15 off code for friends here if you have never ordered before–and I’ll get a little discount on my next order too. I will miss my bralette collection as I go back to the office but am happy I’ve found some bras that make that transition more bearable.

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