What I wore this week

Clothes! Plus an easy button up shirt trick and a breakthrough in dealing with my stress!

Hello friends! Here is what I wore this week!

Monday was my birthday so I went to brunch in the simplest outfit ever! I really loved this one–maybe it was simple but it was still interesting. I am feeling inspired to mix more earthy colors in with my closet full of black and white. I also really like an outfit that is all dark or all light EXCEPT for the shoes. So here I just did all dark colors on top and then a pop of light on bottom. Is this too much analysis for shorts and a tank top? Probably.


Shorts (tailored 3 inches)

Sneakers (this year’s version)

Purse (this year’s version)

Tuesday I went to the office and was pretty boring in a wrap dress and sandals. But, really, two votes for these sandals, the elastic is so comfy that both myself and a coworker own a pair and we talk about how much we love them constantly!

Wednesday I went to my first wedding dress fitting! Ahhh! I just wanted to keep it really easy to change into the dress so I wore my wedding shoes (are you really surprised they are these) and my favorite dark floral dress that I found secondhand.

Also, wow, can I just get everything tailored? I suppose the only person holding me back is me and my bank account. It was so nice to have someone look at my dress and make it all fit just right. I can’t wait to see it! It’s so hard to visualize when it doesn’t totally fit yet.

Thursday I was back on my pink sandals bs. And I felt fab. I just shared a reel about how I get my button down to stay like this, it’s my new favorite way to style one because it’s comfier than tucking it in but still gives waist definition!

Button down

Pants (secondhand)


Fridays are for casual vibes cuz the back to school countdown is on and wow I have a lot to do and I CAN’T STOP clenching my jaw. It’s the worst. I finally fixed it last night by trying a sleep meditation and it made such a difference Trevor and I have decided to keep trying them out! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Tee (secondhand, this year’s version)



Have a good week!

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