What I wore this week

Items I’ve been “saving,” work outfits with sneakers, and spring transition outfits…here’s what I wore this week to work from home!

Hello blog friends! I have really enjoyed adding “take outfit selfie” to my morning routine because it makes me actually get dressed and put under eye concealer on (never enough!!!). This week I tried to reach for a few things I haven’t worn lately, starting with this skirt (last seen here) that I got from Rent the Runway’s clearance sale. It was a purchase I was confident about because it fits with my style goal for the year. I thought the drawstring and zipper combo definitely meant it would be a skirt I could wear with sneakers due to sports vibes.

I also just want to point out as someone who is a little hesitant to buy patterns: this pattern has yellow and dark blue in the background, plus cream, plus the zipper is black, so there are a lot of options for tops that already match the skirt. I also think it would look good with a jewel tone (and those are my faves so I had to have it).

Anyway, now I’m gushing. WHY DON’T I WEAR THIS SKIRT MORE. I put it with a turtleneck which made it a good “it’s 60 out but my office is cold” look.

Next on my list of “you should wear that more” was my heart print button up. This shirt is so soft and slouchy and I’m realizing that’s basically the kind of button up I always want. I got it at Last Chance in Phoenix which is Nordstrom’s only extreme discount store in the county so add it to your list if you ever visit Phoenix (not right now please).

I also found this pair of straight leg jeans on Poshmark last year. I know everyone is freaking out this week that Gen Z likes baggy pants and middle parts and I am definitely not giving up my skinny jeans but I do like the straight leg look and it definitely balances out the proportions of some of my outfits more. I really don’t know what I’m doing with them still so if you have any straight leg jeans combos you like please let me know.

Next up I wore this very very old Old Navy dress–I have had this dress for at least 6 years and I love it, but it’s pilling uncontrollably and I am already prematurely sad for when it falls apart. As such, I have been avoiding wearing it for at least a year. Do you ever do that? I definitely need to chill and just wear the dress. I put it with a secondhand plaid button up and white flats (which, I have to admit, hurt. Please send your shoe break in tips). These are not normally colors I would put together and I frequently complain about not knowing what to do with gray clothes but that’s the magic of this dress!

On this day I had a Big Fancy Meeting so I decided to grab my beloved, but most structured, tall blazer that I found secondhand (The Holy Grail of secondhand finds seriously). And then I logged onto the Zoom meeting and everyone else was in sweatshirts lol.

No Leggings January really changed me, didn’t it? I’m voluntarily wearing jeans multiple days a week??

Last up I wore an outfit that I wear frequently and felt silly taking a picture of. This mockneck sweater is old but my joggers are here and FANCY JOGGERS ARE THE BEST and I have the forest green color coming as well. I picked my most comfortable flats…I’m thinking I’ll do a shoe roundup sometime next week of ballet flats I don’t hate because I think we’ve established at this point that I think almost all shoes are painful.

So then I had to go to the store and I tried to again be a cool Gen Z kid and wear my chunky sneakers with visible socks and I DID NOT LIKE IT I think it was just the pant shape with the socks but anyway I tried. This might be me all week next week because I’m having hip issues (*removes self from Gen Z category immediately*) and the key to fixing them is wearing supportive shoes and not sitting with my legs crossed so in other words my hip issues will continue forever 😥

Alright those are my outfits this week thank you for tolerating smirking mirror selfies I assure you I have tried other poses and unless you smirk you look incredibly creepy so that’s where we’re at. Which look is your fave? How do I wear my straight leg jeans next?

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