Poll: Can I wear sneakers to the office? + Everlane Court Sneaker Review

As I look back at my 2020 closet, I am noticing some patterns in my style–intentional or not–and I want to start 2021 by embracing the patterns that have worked for me. I don’t know about you but I tend to struggle to describe my ~~aesthetic~~ (if I even have one lol) but that also means I just buy whatever I like instead of thinking about if it fits into how I want to look as a whole. So today I’m discussing the first of a couple style goals I have for 2021: Embracing sporty business casual. Along the way, I’ve also realized I own multiple versions of the Everlane Tread Sneaker (the original tread and court sneaker styles, plus the new forever sneaker!) so I’ve reviewed them here.

Hi I’m Rebecca and I conduct research by observing people’s behaviors and looking for patterns. Did you know that when you do that for a living, you also tend to overanalyze your own behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts? So it probably makes sense that my “style blog” skews toward commentary about what I appear to be doing and thinking around my closet. This year I dressed to work from home in a pretty uniform way:

-Supportive sneakers (for lunchtime walks!)

-Stretchy, breathable pants

-Unfussy tops that have a high enough neckline to be seen on camera

-Some sort of top layer for being cold or quickly needing to be put together

For the record I don’t know if sporty business casual is a term but athleisure doesn’t quite seem to cover it because this is not about what I like to wear to run errands but that a couple of items in my closet that I really LOVE have athletic clothing properties and are office-acceptable. Instead of letting this be a haphazard thing I’m trying to be more intentional about purchasing clothes that fit these preferences.

Do you set style goals? I sort of feel silly setting one. But I also firmly believe that clothes are not frivolous and we shouldn’t diminish people for being interested in them. When I’m wearing something I like, the ripple effects in my work, confidence, and happiness feel pretty obvious to me. So why not be more intentional about making sure I get to enjoy those benefits every day? The fact is dressing with more sporty vibes has given me three huge mood boosts this year:

-Comfortable feet. Listen. I am done. With shoes. That hurt me. And I really like sneakers.

-I feel cooler. I don’t know why but putting on sportier items gives me a productivity boost and makes me feel put together.

-I feel like myself in work clothes. I’ve struggled with this since the beginning of having jobs, basically, but typical “business casual” style doesn’t always feel like me and I’m looking for ways to stay within bounds but mess with the rules a bit. Always have been.

So with that in mind, here’s some Pinterest inspo for sneakers at work, and my favorite items that already fit within this style!

Ponte pants. I recently posted these on Instagram and you all said you liked them (thanks friends hahah). They are thicker than leggings and I love wearing them with an oversized button up. If you’re considering them you can get $25 off using code REBECCA25.

Glam joggers. I don’t know if they’re glam but Athleta joggers are just a tad bit fancier and I love them with a bodysuit and a cardigan or blazer!

Sneakers. How many times can I say sneakers in a single post? I have both the Everlane Court Sneaker and the original Everlane Tread Sneaker. The original Tread runs slightly small (I picked a size 11 and I’m usually a 10-10.5). They’re a heavy, substantial shoe–definitely a “dad sneaker” style that’s cute with straight leg denim! I also own the Court sneaker (that’s what I’m wearing in all these pics!) and it’s my fave. I picked an 11 but should have gone with the 10.5 on these. Both pairs wear incredibly well and are easy to wipe off if they get dirty or scuffed.

This tee shirt. I don’t know the full magic of this shirt but let me just say it is somehow substantial, sleek, and…spongey? I’m very into it.

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Can I wear sneakers to the office? + Everlane Court Sneaker Review”

  1. What a great insight to your personal style. When I used to work in a professional setting business casual was a big struggle for me too. I love that you found something that fits those principals, but breaks the mold and feels like you. Sounds like the perfect compromise! I am a big fan of sneakers too. I recently got a pair of chunky, doc marten style, monk strap shoes, and they give me similar feels of sneakers (casual, comfy, not too feminine) with a totally different look. Sneakers are the gateway to mens-inspired footwear I think!


    1. I love this! I definitely avoided any menswear-esque shoes for forever because I have bigger feet and was self conscious about that. But I’m totally over that phase now. I need feet. They help me stand. Give me the arch support.

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