4 holiday looks I’m wearing + fun ideas for virtual parties

I’m a little sad not to be gathering with anyone this year for holiday parties, but safety comes first. Fortunately my friends all agree and we will be having several Zoom get togethers. I think they key to virtual parties this year will be making them feel decidedly not like work meetings. For me, what I’m wearing always plays a part in how I feel, so here are 4 “holiday party outfits” I’ll be wearing (plus a few ideas for keeping Zoom fun this December).


This outfit is inspired by my friend Steph who was recently wearing the chicest oversized cardigan/button up combo in her Instagram stories. I could wear this outfit to work, sure, but I was overall surprised at how cozy yet fancy I felt. I think it’s that I bothered to put on shoes instead of just socks?

Cardigan and shirt are secondhand

Ponte pants (get $30 off your first Brass order here)

Flats (secondhand)

I recently caved to the matching loungewear trend and was surprised by what a mood boost it was. I really like this set because it’s nice and thick so it’s a bit warmer than the free t shirt collection I usually throw on with sweatpants. I would wear this to a Zoom game night!

Lounge set

Sweater secondhand

Sneakers (gifted)


Fancy is a loose term these days but here is my favorite fancy option right now: stretchy knit dresses. This one is from Vetta and I really love it because it’s also reversible for a higher neckline and it unbuttons to become a long cardigan. Genius I say!

Dress (secondhand)


Same concept as above but with a thicker sweater dress to stay cozy (this one from a clothing swap with Elyse, who has been publishing the most insightful personal style thoughts this month!).

Dress is old Modern Citizen but they appear to still be crushing the sweater dress game

Boots (my most loved!)

And now ideas to make Zoom parties fun:

  1. Host a cooking party: Have everyone buy ingredients to make the same recipe (like our most-loved untraditional Christmas cookies) or do a show-and-tell style party (my friends and I are all doing a cocktail demonstration on our party next week where we all share a different drink recipe–I’m thinking of trying this one?).
  2. Play a game: We got pretty tired of Zoom games by May but my friend just showed me Drawful and I think we have to try it. Our other favorite is Fibbage.
  3. Add a scavenger hunt: Several people on Instagram said they have had success with scavenger hunts. Put people into team breakout rooms and give them a list of items that they must find in their houses to score points. Set a time limit and make sure the items are small enough to be carried over to the computer to show on Zoom.
  4. Add trivia or Bingo: I think for our family party this year I might make some family knowledge trivia (could also be funny with friends because the trivia could be about random things that happened when you were all together). Someone else suggested to me on Instagram that we could play 2020 bingo (there are templates for this already if you search).
  5. Set the time: Zoom is tiring so it’s ok to have a 1 hour party 🙂 If it goes over, great, but if not, that’s normal too.
  6. Send people funny backgrounds: I especially like this idea if you’re celebrating someone and you can make their face everyone’s background. Other ideas are making random party dress rules (funny hats, etc).

This year will be weird but let’s do our part not to gather so that 2021 can be happier times 🙂

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3 thoughts on “4 holiday looks I’m wearing + fun ideas for virtual parties”

  1. I love both fancy looks, and your secondhand game is so strong! I love it! (so many bloggers just link to stuff with hopes readers will buy it.) Where do you look for things like Vetta? I’ve not had any luck on Poshmark.

    Happy (almost) 2021!


    1. Thank you! I have gotten Vetta on Poshmark by just typing it in the search bar and then finding an item from the brand and clicking the brand name on that item if that makes any sense–then you can see everything else labeled as that brand. But, I am also on their email list and they have a couple of almost sample sales a year so that’s how I got my white midi dress from them! Their big sale and Tradlands big sample sale are good times to look if you’re on a budget!

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