Easy Valentine’s Day Outfits You Maybe Already Own

This post is dedicated to all of the floral dresses I have put into shopping carts this month. I love red, flowers, and hearts, so it’s not surprise that retailers REALLY get to me in February. I am always looking for classy, mostly casual outfits for dinner dates but want to feel just a little bit festive, too! To resist the urge to shop, I decided to shop my own closet for what to wear for easy Valentine’s date night outfit ideas!

Ok the first thing I learned was to take another look at my holiday clothes, which I store in a box under my bed after Christmas is over. Unsurprisingly, there was some red in there, and some velvet, and both would be great for Valentine’s day! I picked this silk red shirt that I found secondhand and put it on with that Madewell bandana we all bought 3 years ago. I added white pants to keep it fresh, plus my comfiest pointed flats.

This outfit is wayyy outside the norm for me so I really liked it to feel like I was doing something different for a holiday! I would wear this to work!

I think this outfit would be cute for a casual coffee date. My pleated skirt is old, old, old but I still reach for it all the time. I warmed it up with these cut out boots and my grandma’s old Dooney & Burk purse.

It’s clear at this point that I’m dressing for me on Valentine’s day and not a man, right? Hahaha.

Sheer sleeves plus flowers..that counts, right? I really never know what to do with this top, which was another Poshmark find. I kept it simple with jeans and ankle boots because let’s face it most of my dates are not to fancy restaurants anyway.

This outfit is a perfect office-to-dinner situation (not that I have EVER found myself in that situation but whatever). I love a good wrap dress and wear this one to work all the time with a cardigan! But without a layer I’ve worn it for all kinds of fancier occasions!

I really wanted to go prairie chic in one of these outfits so I picked my all time favorite dark floral dress (again it’s secondhand sorry I am so bad at links) and put it with white lace up boots. My partner is actually extremely perplexed by prairie dresses and why they are a thing right now but we are dressing for US ok and I’m very into it.

A leather jacket helps with the whole “it’s February” situation. I think you could throw some tights on too!

I specifically bought this eyelet top for date nights and it is my favorite thing ever. The ruffle neck! The puff sleeves! I tried to make it a bit sleeker with my favorite skinny jeans, the only heels I ever wear, and a gold purse.

So I guess I don’t need any new clothes for Valentine’s Day this year (my bank account cheers). Not that I’m going anywhere this year, anyway! We are going to start the day making fancy brunch (these croissants are on the menu) and then get takeout from our favorite restaurant for dinner.

Which outfit is your favorite? Do you have any unique or fun Valentine’s ideas?

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