Everlane Perform Leggings, Bike Shorts, and Tank Review

I’ve owned the Everlane leggings and bike shorts for 6+ months so I thought a review was long overdue! Before I got them, I had some questions about the quality, if they would be squat proof, and if they would stay up. I also wondered how the Perform line compared to Outdoor Voices and Athleta–my two other favorite leggings brands. Finally, I got intrigued all over again and decided to try their new pocket leggings (with no center seam!!). So here are answers to all those questions if you have them, too!

The bike shorts

I leaned into the bike shorts trend hard last year because stay at home life! But it’s freaking hot in the summer so bike shorts are a must because even the walk from the parking lot to the gym can melt you. I tried the perform bike shorts in May or June I think. First impressions: They are quite stretchy and comfortable. They hit me at mid-thigh. They dig into my leg just a tad but they stay put pretty well. I am wearing a medium here and I am usually a size 6, so I think they run a bit smaller than other leggings brands (I usually pick a small in Athleta bike shorts–which are a more heavy duty bike short that hits closer to the knee).

I really love how stretchy they are because I love a big range of movement at the gym–my primary form of activity is Zumba so I need to MOVE, haha. I’m sure they would do fine for running or some other similar activity but I would skip them if you really like compression or a thick fabric. Lastly, after six months, one of the seams is fraying. I just bought laundry bags for all my activewear and haven’t had this problem on the leggings since then, so maybe just be careful when you wash them!

From a fashion standpoint? They’re my favorite. So if that’s what you’re in it for I definitely recommend them. Especially with these sneakers.

The leggings

The perform leggings are the exact same deal as the bike shorts so all my comments above apply. They’re nice a light feeling but I do NOT find them see through at all which is the key to life. I really like the colors available.

I do find that they slip down a bit as I’m wearing them, which is a Zumba no-go. Nonetheless, I reach for them just about every time I weightlift. I also wore a pair hiking last weekend and they pilled a little when I sat on a rock, which was a bummer because uh, that’s what happens during hiking. I’m also trying to do more yoga this year and while the perform legging does fine, my ultimate pick for yoga is still Outdoor Voices techsweat. It is soooo light and stays absolutely put.

Finally, I just tried the perform pocket leggings. I feel like Everlane is really underselling the BEST selling point on these, which is that there is no center seam on them so there is no camel toe. This is great if you get self-conscious about that. And the pockets are big enough for an iPhone. It’s a win for me. I picked a medium in both pairs of leggings.

At the end of the day, though, the leggings I reach for most for high intensity workouts are still the Athleta Salutation Leggings. They are both extremely stretchy and they absolutely stay put. It’s amazing.

The Tank

Ok the real thing that spurred me to write a review was that this. tank top. is. the favorite. The perform tank has a built in shelf bra which offers very little support but decent coverage. I cannot keep reaching for this for yoga, weightlifting, etc etc. It has the perfect 90s length and if I had it in black I would probably wear it out casually??

So, sizing: I got a medium and it’s the perfect compression to feel secure enough to go bra-less. I also got a large and I really like that one with a serious sports bra under it when I want to do cardio. I like the option of both but think I should have generally picked a medium (I’m a size small or medium in most tops and a 34DD).

So those are my thoughts! If you have any questions let me know! I have enjoyed having some cute workout clothes for all my stay-at-home boredom workouts!

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