What I wore this week

The week in professor outfit mirror selfies: Monochrome dressing, pops of red, shopping my own closet, and outfits that transition well for work from home life!

Hello and welcome to another week of mirror selfies. I love seeing what people pick out of their closets and have decided to start casually documenting more of what I wear this year! This week started off with some Pinterest inspiration to wear all navy. I just got navy work pants and they are so comfy I’ve been reaching for them weekly. I don’t usually wear navy but I thought it would be a good balance to my jewel tone capsule wardrobe and so far it’s been working ok.

The other reason I picked this outfit is that these are my wedding shoes! I am wearing them around the house to break them in a bit but they are my favorite style (this is my 3rd pair). I topped it all off with this cozy turtleneck and felt pretty cool (monochrome does that to a person).

I have been wanting more red items lately…I think I’m just cold, actually. Fortunately I didn’t actually need to buy anything to satisfy this “need” because I had a red silk shirt in storage. I bought this secondhand to wear around the holidays but then I thought…red is a year round thing…this can come out of storage. I paired it with boyfriend jeans and my favorite snakeskin loafers to make it decidedly not Christmas-y.

This outfit consists of 2 newer items. I have been pining after this shirt for 2 years+, but the reviews say it’s pretty short and at 5’11” I knew it wouldn’t work for me. So when I saw this Banana Republic version that was a little longer I didn’t think twice before hitting checkout. I have mostly stopped shopping from fast fashion retailers but I do think when something is on your “list” and seems like it will get a ton of wear it’s probably more useful to buy the item that actually works for you and just wear the heck out of it (versus buying clothes from ethical brands just because they are ethical brands).

Which leads me to…these flats! I notice that I pin a ton of outfits with red flats and yet I’ve never found a pair in the right size (10.5, ughhh). So when I saw Everlane put these on sale I grabbed them! They are extremely comfortable (far better than the leather version in my experience) and such a cheerful addition to my closet.

I have really wanted to put a bright sweater over this wrap dress for a while so when the temperature hit 70 for a day I went for it. I don’t…totally like it? It bothers me that the yellow in the print doesn’t match. But I wore it and it felt fun

Shout out to my favorite chunky sneakers as well.

Ok then I just became obsessed with the red flats and wore them daily. But this day was also a good example of what I wear to work from home (only when I want to feel slightly normal and like I went to an office) plus what I change into for the rest of my work from home life (whether that’s errands or daily walks)…

I kept the sweater but swapped out the shoes, put my favorite Madewell jeans back on again, plus a belt. This outfit was so simple but made me happy because it consisted of basics that fit well and feel nice (versus my closet when I only bought things because they were mostly what I wanted and they were on sale–this is an outfit made up of exactly what I want instead 🙂

Last up I put a bodysuit and joggers (old but Athleta makes the best ones) on with my favorite flats. This outfit felt like a hug and was great for a stressful writing day. I feel very self conscious with my hair up but am trying to get over it.

That’s all! Which is your fave? See you next week for more mirror selfies!

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7 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. This is a great round up, and I love hearing your thoughts behind your outfits and purchases. The first outfit that immediately jumped out at me was the ‘bright sweater’ and wrap dress. The colors are fantastic. I think the sweater is the perfect complement to the print. I think it if was a dead match for the yellow there would be less depth/interest to the outfit. Also, really love the color those orange-red flats are giving your outfits!

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    1. Thank you haha I’m never sure how much rambling to do but making myself react to my own mirror selfies has been semi useful! Oh yay so glad you like the floral dress outfit! I’m hoping to repeat it on the next sunny day and see if I can make it feel more comfortable to me!

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  2. Hi there! I just came across your blog, and have been enjoying scrolling through all your outfits! There are so many pieces I love in this post! I’m a big fan of red shoes, turtlenecks, bodysuits, and joggers. I followed your blog, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your outfits in the future. If you have time to check out my blog as well, I’d love to connect!

    – FunSizeFit.com


  3. first of all, you look absolutely gorgeous with your hair up! loved all the outfits, especially the dress+sweater combo. This look would look booomb with the red ballet flats


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