5 Leopard Skirt Outfit Ideas

I have really loved my leopard midi skirt–I bought it last fall and have worn it many ways since then! At first, I only wore it with white or black t shirts, but I’ve been surprised by how versatile it is. My skirt is a slip skirt but I think these would work well with any length, including mini skirts or pencil skirts. The trick is figuring out what colors to pair with leopard and how to layer items for added interest! Here are some outfit ideas for both winter and summer!

The basics

Ok the first thing I did was put the skirt with basics. I think this was a great baby step into styling it and worked very well for hot weather. But may I just complain for a moment that I love searching for outfit ideas on Pinterest most of the time Pinterest ONLY turns up photos of the clothing item with white and black shirts?? Like yes I know those things match everything, but when I’m searching for “gingham pants outfit ideas” it’s USUALLY because I’ve already used those ideas up. Fortunately in this case the leopard skirt obsession was only beginning…

Ok so my skirt. It’s older and from Nordstrom Rack–it’s no longer sold but I’m linking it here because I bet you can find it on Poshmark if it’s the one for you! All of my basics are pretty old so no links sorry 🙂

For cooler weather

I thought leopard plus a chunkier boot might be too much but I was surprisingly into it. I liked the white in this outfit for a spring vibe but with black boots and a black sweater (and tights) I think this would work just as well for winter!

Jacket (secondhand–similar)

Tee (this is the best for work by the way–it’s not see through at all)


Purse is thrifted

With warm tones

These two outfits are my favorites of the bunch. A lightweight crewneck sweater is my favorite for layering in the winter and while I love both of these alone, I was surprised at how well they worked with a pattern by picking up on the warm tones. From there I just matched my shoes to one of the colors in the skirt and called it a day!

Burgundy sweater (mine is secondhand–this is the newest version)

Tan boots

Orange sweater (get $25 off your order using code REBECCA25)

Black flats

There you have it! Do you have any other pairings you like with leopard? I am always looking for more!

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