Easy work from home outfits without leggings, part 2

Hello and welcome to the end of No Leggings January! I continued getting dressed WITHOUT my comfiest leggings and ponte pants this month and was surprised at what a difference it made in my work from home mood. Here are some outfit ideas I came up with that were winter-friendly!

This outfit was one I have made before. Layering a turtleneck under a button up continues to be my favorite for winter because 1) no gaping buttons and 2) I am always freezing and yes my weighted blanket and space heater and mug warmer are helpful but I still need some layers. Also, tying shirts!! Why haven’t I been doing this! It’s way less annoying than a tucked in shirt for sitting at my desk all day.

Watch out people, SPORTS REBECCA is here and she is walking to Trader Joe’s. I have been trying to do a better job with sun protection by embracing hats lately. I have a lot of hair and the trick, I have realized, is finding a hat that is extremely adjustable (this one has a tie on the back instead of snaps so it’s easy to tie loosely). These sneakers are satisfying my craving for a chunkier, retro style lately.

I also call this tee my Fleabag shirt because I was thoroughly influenced by that show to scooped it up secondhand.

Oh boy we’re about to go on a turtleneck streak for days. This was also the beginning of “wearing noticeable socks.” This outfit is maybe the most me outfit of the whole bunch. A black and white stripe top is SPECIFICALLY my thrifting weakness (I currently have…3) and these are my go-to winter boots because they’re waterproof (they’re on their sixth season of service so I don’t have a link so all I can say is leather conditioner and a cobbler will keep them going forever).

Also, there’s something about a tan sweater (“camel” if we’re bein’ fancy) that just makes me feel entirely like a put together human. This one is a recent Brass addition (get $25 off your first Brass purchase using code REBECCA25 if you’re so inclined).

I reach for this sweater basically every day it is cold. I really like that it’s a bit chunkier than all my other sweaters, and the sleeves are actually long enough. I am saying all of this as a lesson to myself so I stop buying extremely thin sweaters and just go for what I want 🙂

Someone called this outfit “peak academic” over zoom and I was honored. Snakeskin and plaid is a bit much for me but I didn’t mind it one bit! I will continue to link these loafers because they are the comfiest shoe, straight out of the box, that I have bought in a long time. If in between sizes, size down.

You know you’re refusing to turn the heat up when you’re wearing a full on robe coat inside. This was probably my favorite outfit! I actually just kept the red socks on because I was wearing them around the house and too lazy to switch before putting on shoes but the pop of red with red lipstick was “fun” for me (yes I’m boring lol).

Also, is everyone else slowly migrating toward straight leg jeans, too? I got this pair secondhand (I’m still in a crisis about embracing how cropped they are or not).

Similar socks (linking because these are now on my list! Get 25% off here)

This outfit was not my fave. I was in a funk and I think my outfit or maybe just my vibe reflected that. Nonetheless it is made of items I’m very into? Just not my style when all combined. A moment of appreciation, though, for this thrifted $4 TALL SIZE sweater. Unicorns are real. More Brass pants because they are on a very good sale and are great for being comfy yet professional.

Ok I was working up to working in a dress allll month! I love my dresses and I haven’t reached for them once since starting to work from home. This day was a reminder that 1) dresses look elegant as heck and 2) they’re actually comfier than pants. I was a little cold in my office but I just worked under a blanket, which is my favorite thing anyway. Except that it makes me want to take a nap.

This dress (made by Modern Citizen) is from a clothing swap put on by Gabbie, who runs the awesome Style Blogger Index. It was so great to do a virtual clothing swap–I highly recommend it with friends via Zoom!

Hope you’re all hanging in there! Now that I have my “actually getting dressed for work from home” groove back maybe the mirror selfie posts will continue!

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