Style shifts for 2021: More Color

As I recently wrote, I’m trying to go into 2021 by more intentionally noticing what I like in my closet and, when I (hopefully infrequently!) shop, aligning my purchases with those trends. The second style shift I’ve noticed recently is that I am reaching for more colors and have started putting more colorful items together! My second style goal this year is to embrace more color, so here’s some style inspo I’ve pinned and what’s on my wishlist!

I’m really interested to see what fashion trends emerge after we’re all allowed out of our houses–all those jokes about understanding the roaring 20s now are hitting pretty hard because I have a solemn vow with myself to be very extra once I have a COVID vaccine.

Lately, to cheer myself up, I’ve just been reaching for more and more colors. Where I would once pick one bright color and then subdue it with neutrals, my brain is now like “ORANGE? YOU WANT ORANGE? GRAB IT ALLL.” I wish I knew why colors go together but I’m pretty bad at color theory so what I’ve basically been doing is throwing clothes on my bed and seeing what looks cool together. That’s how I ended up in a brown blazer, orangey brown pants, and an orange sweater. But as if that wasn’t enough, my brain was like “ADD THE GREEN PURSE” and here we are. And I’m surprisingly into it!

So with this new phase of my closet in mind, I’ve also started making notes of what colors play well with others and where there are “stop gaps” in my closet. The most obvious thing I’ve noticed is that I have plenty of colorful tops and top layers, but only one pair of pants that I keep reaching for–the orange ones. I mean look at how much fun they are with everything!

This tee and this short sleeve sweater have also been favorites lately. So with that in mind, I’m trying to remember that just a couple more pants/skirts that are complementary colors would go a long way, and I don’t need to entirely overhaul my closet to achieve the look I’m going for. Here is some fun, colorful pinterest inspiration I’ve saved recently:

And here’s my colorful clothes wishlist!

-Red flats (the exclamation point on every outfit?–I’m gonna try to find these secondhand)

-Another jewel tone pant (emerald? burgundy?? help)

-Some sort of colorful slip skirt

This is where my head is at right now–hoping to be past this pandemic soon, reaching for happiness wherever I can find it until then. Will 2021 be the end of my love of neutrals? No way. But I’ve been enjoying mixing things up so far!

Photography: Samantha Jacob

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