Work from home outfits for when you’re stuck in a leggings rut

Hello hello and welcome to no leggings January. My friend Renee and I have challenged ourselves to give our leggings a break and work from home in *gasp* real pants. I’ve been semi-faithfully taking mirror selfies so: here are a bunch of work from home outfits that are comfortable but do not involve leggings!

This was the first outfit I reached for and it was a total win. I never pick wide leg pants in the winter but am realizing how irrelevant that is when you don’t go outside and work next to a space heater cranked up to 80 degrees all day. Putting on real shoes was…not part of the challenge? But I’ve been doing it anyway. It feels super weird still, I won’t lie. I probably make it until 11 AM before I swap them out for socks. But this pair is particularly soft and buttery.

Sweater/ Pants/ Shoes (found secondhand)

I called this my accidental Elizabeth Holmes outfit but it was a favorite! Many of my outfits ended up super super simple the first week–I felt like I was paring things down to compensate for being in real pants. This winter I’ve been reaching for stretchy turtlenecks over and over again because they are so cozy. I don’t have brand recommendations because I’ve been buying them in batches on Poshmark (usually from Gap, J. Crew, or Old Navy, but I also have a Target one that is surprisingly good–below).

Pants (found secondhand)/ Flats / Belt

This day I could not decide what to wear so I ended up switching between meetings. I liked this first outfit but it didn’t feel like me somehow….

And then I put on a blazer and sneakers and felt more at home. You all liked this one better, too, in an Instagram poll. It kind of reminds me of my grandpa but he was an extremely stylish guy so I’m not mad about it.

Blazer (found secondhand)/ Pants / Sweater / Boots / Sneakers

This was a lot of clothes for one day…I’m embarrassed by how often I change midday when working from home! Haha.

This outfit was Pinterest inspired because Pinterest loves putting classy and casual stuff together but I always forget it’s an option. I did end up loving this one. These are my favorite loose fitting jeans from Madewell. They still make them and I highly recommend them. But not the high rise ones. I don’t know why, they just aren’t as good as the original rise.

Also, these shoes. I stared at them online for MONTHS before buying them. I wondered if they would be too wild for my style. But I wear them constantly and they are extremely comfortable right out of the box, which I basically never find to be true! So exciting!

Sweater / Jeans / Shoes

The Target turtleneck in question! I just got these navy pants and I’m always intimidated by navy (?? why. I never know what shoes to pick. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me??). So I went for black and navy because I sure do own a lot of black.

Shirt (found secondhand)/ Pants / Boots

Finally, this day was determined by Stylebook, my favorite everyday tool for picking outfits. I sometimes like to sort by items that I have never added to my calendar to see what has not been worn. This shirt, found secondhand this summer, was on the list. And it’s an unseasonable 70 degrees here right now so I figured why not!

Shirt (found secondhand)/ Pants (found secondhand)/ Shoes (you guessed it…secondhand)

The best thing about this experiment so far is that I forgot getting dressed used to be a creative exercise every day. Now, I pick out my outfit the night before, and when I get up I’m actually excited to put it on! This was NOT true when I was on day 9 of wearing leggings. So I’m taking that as a win.

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