Now & Later: Repurposing Office Clothes for Work From Home

Lately my urge to do a huge closet cleanout has been creeping back. I LOVE getting rid of things, but sometimes it’s a thinly veiled excuse to keep buying more things. It doesn’t help that half of my closet is just sitting there because I’m working from home now. I sort of miss my office clothes, but I also want to be comfortable, so starting this week I am challenging myself to style more office and going out clothes for my life right now. So here’s my first restyle: a midi skirt.

I love my skirt collection but anything too rigid is staying on its hanger. This softer midi skirt is from the Rent the Runway clearance and I was immediately drawn to it because it would match so many things (black, cream, navy, and yellow) and I liked the sporty drawstring.

WFH. For midi skirts at home I’ve just been grabbing a tank top and sneakers for my walks around the block. This outfit was pleasantly comfortable!

Later. I can’t wait to layer this skirt in the fall with a black blazer (sold out but still in white) and wedges (mine are still in my office at school because I just throw them on at the office).

What should I style next? What things in your closet need a little more love lately?

If you’ve never used Rent the Runway you can get $30 off your first order using my link. This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

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