May 30×30 Week 3: The 30 piece mix and match capsule continues

30 day summer capsule wardrobe

We’re in week 3 of the May 30×30 challenge and that’s a lot of threes! I’m still wearing the same 30 items for the month. I have been enjoying the simplicity, the permission to repeat outfits, and the easy decisions I get to make every morning. Plus, it’s really hot out here, so this has been a great way to get reacquainted with my summer clothes in capsule form. Here’s what I wore this week!

Faux skirts

Brass Clothing Best Tee

Tee/Dress is thrifted J. Crew/Sandals

Knotted tee shirt over a dress

Tee/Dress (gifted)/Shoes (gifted)

I liked one style trick so much I did it twice this week–a tied t shirt over a midi dress to create a new skirt option.


Brass Best Tee and Everlane Pleat Skirt

Yeah, I found one thing that makes me feel put together and I’ve been doing it all month: wearing all one color. Sophisticated, non? No? Just lazy?

Best tee/Skirt is thrifted Everlane/Sandals are thrifted Steve Madden

Brass Wave Weave dress and Everlane Modern Babo


As a side note, these Everlane shoes (the babo) were a quarantine purchase so they haven’t gone outside yet but DANG they are soft and YES they are fairly clunky but I love them. Best thrift score.

Easy weekend outfits

So as this challenge has revealed, I own three pairs of shorts. I don’t know when the switch flipped between me liking shorts and me finding most shorts completely incompatible with my preferences ?? but here we are.

The bad news is I have discovered these Elizabeth Suzann shorts are not comfy for sitting all day. They’re kind of scratchy! I’m pretty disappointed because ES gets such hype online. I love the giant pockets on these also. But yeah, for quarantine purposes, I’m now down to one pair of shorts that are soft enough to work in and am feeling fairly defeated about it. I also put the polka dot cami in the giveaway pile after I wore it–the volume is just not my favorite on it. I guess part of rewearing things over and over is also reflecting on what you don’t enjoy.

The one I almost quit on:

If there’s one thing I’m guilty of it’s putting an outfit on and instantly deciding I dislike it. Sometimes tucking something in, rolling the sleeves or pants, or adding some accessories is the only thing that separates an item from the giveaway pile. I switched the bow on this tank (last seen here) to the back and was suddenly into this outfit. Hurray!

Top is thrifted Ann Taylor/Pants/Sandals

One more week of this capsule! Here are my original picks, plus weeks 1 and 2.

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