30 pieces for 30 days: Week 1 of Summer Outfits

It’s the end of week 1 of the May 30×30 capsule wardrobe challenge! I’ve had fun mixing and matching my items this week to make colorful and easy summer outfits. I was pleased with the light and warm colors and kind of retro vibe of my outfits this week that made my normal black and white wardrobe a bit more fun. Here’s what I wore this week!


One of my closet missions last summer was to lighten up my neutrals. I own far more black than anything else so I started to gradually add more tan and beige items. This outfit is exactly what I was hoping for! Monochrome is pretty much my go-to lazy outfit. Sometimes people leave Instagram comments like “aren’t you afraid this will get dirty?” Yes, as someone who spills toothpaste on myself at least once a week. I try not to worry too much about it and use this whites detergent when needed. Shirt/Shorts/Sandals


Jumpsuits are the easiest choice, right? I wore this for a day of hanging out around the house, which, two months ago, would have felt too fancy. I’m starting to wear more “normal” clothes and less lounge clothes the longer we are under stay at home orders. It’s a needed mood boost. Jumpsuit*/Shoes*


I wear these shorts for everything in the summer. They’re an athletic fabric so they’re great for the heat. I wore this all black combo for my walk to Trader Joe’s to buy copious amounts of cheese to go with my first attempt at focaccia bread. Tee/Shorts/Shoes* (I am so pleased my New Yorker subscription came with this adorable monster tote bag).


I wrote about these Not Perfect Linen pants on Instagram–they’re so awesome! I waited about 2 months for them to get here. They are one of the first truly slow fashion purchases I have made. NPL is a great brand for ethical fashion novices like me (both at the price point and the customization level)–you can add notes about measurements as you check out, which I have now used twice to get a custom inseam (a game changer for tall people!).


I’m on a real knotted tee shirt kick this week I guess. I love this shirt. I’m pretty picky about graphic tees because I think most phrases are kind of silly and I only want to wear words I really like. I am on team optimist. Even now. This got too philosophical. Graphic tee (thrifted) + tailored pants* + sneakers = unexpected combo for me. I’m into it.


Yep, it’s a dress. It’s 100 out and one item of clothing is definitely enough for that temperature. This is my favorite dress in my closet–I looooove a dark floral pattern and midi length dresses. Even though I know this is my favorite I am still drawn to every dark floral sundress I see. I want them all. (Dress is thrifted but if you search “J. Crew Mercantile Midi Dress” it tends to show up secondhand).


This shirt is a save from the giveaway pile. It kind of has a texture that reminds me of a washcloth but it’s growing on me now that I’ve worn it again! Shirt and jeans are old, these sandals are my new attempt at a more substantial summer shoe.

What I learned this week: 30 items is actually still a lot of choices! I was surprised at how much variety I got out of my picks this week. I am also surprised by how cohesive my picks ended up being–warm colors, kind of a retro vibe, loose items for summer. I guess I like what I like when it’s warm out!

I know I usually share fun articles at the end of the week. The only article I circulated this week was this one, which is an absolute asset on terrible days of quarantine.

If you’re doing the 30×30, how’s it going at the end of week 1? Here are my 30 items and here’s an explanation of a 30×30 and the current hashtag if you want to browse more.

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author. A * denotes a gifted item.

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