My 30 piece summer capsule wardrobe: Week 2 of the 30×30

Welcome back to week 2 of my 30 piece summer capsule wardrobe. Here are all my items if you would like to see, and here’s what I wore this week for over 100 degree temperatures here in the southwest (eek).


The funny thing about starting a challenge on May 1st is that weeks don’t really track, oh well. Friday I tucked my Brass wave weave shirt dress into a sports bra to make a faux shirt. Was it weird? Yes. But the fabric is so nice it didn’t bother me a bit. I felt really put together for some bigger meetings. I don’t think I’m the only person who is no longer wearing lounge wear to work from home, right? It’s kind of nice to feel businessy these days.


I wear this outfit so often in the summer it might as well be my only one? Athleta shorts are my absolute favorite because athletic fabric is a game changer in the summer.


We held a socially distanced driveway party for our friend who is moving 😦 It was so lovely to see everyone even from a distance (people brought their own chairs and beer!). This outfit is EXTRA, which is precisely how I will look any time I see another human being this summer. This matching set is old from Ann Taylor but there are several on Poshmark right now.


This thrifted top has been on the love-it-or-list-it chopping block for a while so I put it in the 30×30 to give it one more shot. Unfortunately it’s cut pretty wide, like a swing top, which makes it a pain to tuck in. I did like it with the visible lace, though!


My Wool.and dress (gifted) is a new favorite for super hot weather. I know, wool for hot weather? It’s a very thin and soft wool that feels more like cotton.


I’ve been in the middle of a big research project this week and Wednesday I had four Zoom meetings about it (which is past my personal emotional capacity of 0 meetings…). Fortunately, these wide leg jeans are surprisingly soft and light for working from home.

This week has been overwhelming, frankly. Getting dressed has been a bright spot. I recently switched back to using StyleBook, too, and setting it all up again and making outfits is so fun! And now Trevor is making this chocolate babka so it hasn’t been all bad. Hope you find some fun this weekend.

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