30 piece capsule wardrobe: My May 30×30 picks

The bigger my closet gets, the less outfit ideas I seem to have. So I’m excited to be joining an instagram challenge this month to create a 30 piece capsule wardrobe and wear it for the whole month of May. This capsule would be perfect as a minimalist summer wardrobe or even a summer packing list for an extended trip to anywhere with hot weather. I included mostly casual items but also some work appropriate dresses and pants for office wear. Here are my picks for the month of May!


Polka dot/Yellow gingham/Navy tank

White tee/Black tee/Striped tee/Graphic tee

White button up*/Coral top/Polka dot button up/Yellow tie top

I shopped my own giveaway pile for this challenge and found myself interested in the coral top and black/white button up again. There is nothing like hiding clothes from myself for a while to renew my interest 🙂 So many of these items are thrifted–as I post outfits I will try to identify some alternatives for sale!


Linen wide leg pants/Linen navy pants*/Wide leg denim/Pleated skirt

Black shorts/Tan shorts

The wider the leg the better when it’s 100 out! I picked a couple of linen items, cotton, and my favorite moisture wicking shorts from Athleta. This category is obviously really off balance from the tops I picked–I don’t like most shorts and have a hard time finding pairs that are long enough. I am taking this as an opportunity to see if this is enough or if I should try to hunt for a third pair for the rest of summer. One reason I love doing challenges like this is that they make me reflect on what I already have!


Tank dress*/Floral dress/Teal dress/Shirt dress/Jumpsuit*

The dress category is large and in charge in summer months for me. There is nothing easier or comfier–even when working from home! I really love every item in this category and am excited to wear them all summer.


Slip on/Sneaker*/Black sandals/Gold sandals/Burgundy sandals

I live in sandals all summer, plus a pair of tennis shoes for taking walks. The slip ons are new to me but so so comfy and soft. I love them when I just need to run out of the house. My shoe collection gets pretty small in the summer–I used to burn through about 3 pairs of Target sandals every year–so my goal this year was to find heartier options. The Chacos seem like a more supportive and substantial option so far.

Those who like counting may notice I only ended up with 27 items. Nothing else really spoke to me when I was picking clothes out so I thought I would leave 3 spots open (in case I get bored!). Of course, if I was using this as a long trip packing list I would probably just keep it at 27!

I will post outfit round ups at the end of each week in May. Have you ever done a 30×30? Are you joining us? What would be on your summer must-have list?

A * denotes a gifted item.

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

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