May 30×30: Week 4 of my summer work from home capsule wardrobe

easy summer capsule wardrobe for hot weather

Welcome to the end of May! I would like the rest of my closet back now, please. No really, doing a 30 piece summer capsule wardrobe has been nice. I tend to think less about clothes in the summer because it’s way too hot–this made me attempt more creativity but also helped me to think about what items I really like to wear in the summer and what is just not practical enough for southwestern weather! Here’s what I wore for the last week of May (and here are all my capsule items if you want a refresh).


summer colorful capsule wardrobe

I had not worn this shirt frequently before this month–I get self-conscious wearing words! Anyone else? So including it in a capsule challenge sort of got me used to the idea. I’m always chasing the perfect graphic tee (white, black letters, saying must not be dumb…) but I’m enjoying the pop of red from this one for now!

Shirt is thrifted J. Crew/Skirt is thrifted Everlane/Sandals



All black is never a bad idea, right? This outfit felt a little dramatic (still with my pants phobia–they’re just sooo wide) but very comfy for a day at my desk.

Top/Pants/Sneakers*/Bag is thrifted


Everlane linen jumpsuit

Work from home jumpsuits are a great idea, guys. I could never wear one to the real office so wearing it at home is the best revenge.



summer ethical capsule wardrobe for work

Black and blue together? Felt like a stretch but I was running out of ideas. Next time I would do this with flats but there were none in my 30×30.



Everlane court sneaker

Getting bored and ready to have more fun, I broke out this retro outfit to do a whole lot of nothing. I don’t usually lounge in jeans (duh) but this wide leg pair from J. Crew is so soft it hardly counts.

Shirt is thrifted/Jeans are thrifted/Shoes*/Sunglasses


Athleta skyline shorts

I called this “retro tennis instructor” on Instagram. I think it’s the socks! Buying fun, visible socks was a bit “out there” for me at the time (yes, we have established I’m pretty boring) but the more I wear them the more I realize 1) they’re not very noticeable and 2) when it’s hot out, a small accessory can make me feel like I did something more interesting. All that fashion advice about adding a third piece is, politely, bs when it’s 110 out. But socks and belts are a decent way to accessorize without adding a layer!

Top*/Shorts/Shoes*/Party Socks (ps Bombas are great–if you want 25% off your first order here’s my link)


summer capsule wardrobe.

I spent most of this challenge bemoaning my small shorts collection–I thought I owned three pairs. But then I had a “DUH” moment where I remembered that this pair, while part of a matching set, can obviously be worn alone. Shopping your closet is magic.

Shirt (this is my favorite white tee)/Shorts are thrifted/Shoes*

What did I learn from this challenge?

-Limiting my wardrobe makes me sad: Oops, not to be a downer, but it’s true. Picking out whatever I want to wear in the morning is a really fun activity for me, and when working from home, I could use all the excitement I can get. Putting constraints on this made me less excited. The more I do capsule wardrobe challenges the more I think I do get the point, though, which is…

-My wardrobe is more versatile than I think: I felt many wants this month (new sandals, more shorts, more tank tops) like I do every time it gets hot out. Working with what I already own did give me the sense of the abundance of options I already have. I don’t even think I used all 30 of my chosen items? I had this funny moment where I was about to buy sandals online yesterday and my whole brain was yelling DO IT DO IT WE NEED SANDALS DO IT (more of a chant really) and then one part of me thought “what if I just…don’t need more sandals?” and poof. I closed the window (not every fight ends in favor of my bank account, for the record).

If you want to see the other weeks of my challenge, here is 1, 2, and 3.

A * denotes a gifted item.

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