In search of summer going out tops

I have seen several questions floating around the internet lately about going out tops. You know, the fancy tops we wore in the 2000s/2010s to hit the bar? Preferably with a sock bun, statement necklace, and colorful leggings? What are we wearing out these days–what counts as the going out top of 2023? Here are a few I’m into….

The small tank top, aka dress as Kim Possible

The younger crowd has reversed our party tops/slim pants combo with big, statement pants and tiny tank tops–no joke I was at Sprouts the other day and saw 2 early 20-somethings wearing simple tank tops with basically these jeans (Sidenote: wait these are cool, do we need them?). It’s a fun look to play around with!

Halter tank

With a built in bra

I really want an off the shoulder option this year

It’s also easy to wear for daytime and then swap out shoes in the evening:

The statement sleeve blouse

My main discovery this summer is that long sleeve tops that are dramatic are my favorite going out to dinner item! Because restaurants are freezing and my arms are always cold!

I would love to wear a strapless top on the regular, but it always ends up covered with a jean jacket. So! Some fun, flouncy tops are needed:

This embroidered option is very cool

A smocked option that feels sleek

Budget pick–I tried the dress version of this and the fabric is sooo cool feeling!

Regardless of what you pick, I recommend some thin strap sandals and a small straw bag to finish the look (like this or this or this–they are fun to find vintage as well!).

My black long sleeve tops is old from Brass (you might find it secondhand here).

What else are you wearing this summer? What counts as a going out top these days?

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3 thoughts on “In search of summer going out tops”

  1. Cut to me spending the next 25 minutes after reading this post looking for going out tops. HoNesTly what happened to all the ones I know I *used* to have??


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