A month of reasonable professor work outfits: Week 2

Here’s another week of what I wore as a university professor! I put together more easy fall outfits that you can wear in academia–as a professor, lecturer, or graduate teaching assistant!

As always, there are no heels in this post–do you have to walk all over campus to get to classroom buildings? Because I do! My other general ideas about academia style are that 1) I should be actually, truly comfortable and 2) I shouldn’t have to worry about feeling vulnerable in front of a class of students (e.g., fussy wrap skirts, gaping buttons, and too-short hemlines are nos, for me). With that in mind, here are the outfits!


I don’t think it gets much easier than wearing all black but the texture in this outfit are key–the pants are smooth, but the top has a funfetti fleck (technical term) and the sweater is linen. This is an outfit for feeling like a boss in the classroom, which, let’s face it, is most important during the first couple weeks of classes when students are still forming impressions. By December, it’s all jeans all the time!

Mockneck (similar)

Sweater (get 20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Pants (same! 20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)



You might recognize this outfit as what I wore to my mid tenure meeting. A dress with sharp details makes getting ready in the morning so easy!

The meeting went fine, by the way 🙂 I can’t believe I only have 3 years left til tenure but I’m feeling confident in my progress and projects I’m working on right now (all about how emergency organizations are understanding how climate change will change their jobs BUT I DIGRESS)

Dress (is old! But I love COS dresses so here’s what I would pick this season)


Bag (similar)


If you recognize these pants it’s because 2 pairs have made the teaching outfits round up so far! I think they fit the academic casual dress code very well because they shape up any t-shirt! See also: the good belt.



Belt ($30!)




This, to me, is peak academic women style, at least according to TV 😉 But I can’t resist a houndstooth blazer and a nice leather bag so we’re just going with it. One thing I’m trying to do this fall is embrace navy as a neutral color–I never know what to wear it with! But when I saw these boots they checked all the boxes for me because they have a pointed toe (great for wide leg pants) and no heel (great for my back issues lollll).

Blazer (similar)




This is kind of giving me Scandinavian style vibes, yes? I just got this bright blue button down to add a light layer to my summer outfits but it can also look polished for the classroom!

Button down

Skirt (similar)

Shoes (similar)

Check out week 1 of professor outfits here! Or last year’s series here and 2 years ago here.

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