A month of reasonable professor work outfits: Week 3

It’s week 3 of teaching outfit ideas! Now that we’re approaching early fall, I’m excited to break out some more casual layers for the classroom. Here’s what I would wear!

I don’t know about you, but dressing for university buildings is really tricky for me at this time of year. Buildings are chilly but the weather is still hot, so smart layers are a must. Add on top of that that there’s no real dress code in academia and we’re in a fashion gray area. These outfits were designed with those issues in mind. Away we go!


Black and navy were probably at one point a fashion don’t, but they’re cool together now, so I had to try them out. This outfit felt a bit masculine to me, but sometimes as a woman in academia, that’s the vibe you need for the first couple weeks of classes. Sneakers add a bit more of a fun touch, though–you know, I’m a cool professor not a regular professor etc etc.

Blazer (Cool vibe for less $ –yes I did find this blazer for a super deal secondhand)

Button down

Pants (20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)



I’m so here for long styles being back: long blazers, long jeans, as a tall woman I am just thriving off finally seeing the right inseam for me in stores, ha. With the weird shoes this outfit made me feel like I work at a Scandinavian university or something and I am here for it.

Blazer (similar–mine is called the Theory Overlap Blazer if you’re browsing secondhand)

Tee (use code PHDINCLOTHES to save at checkout)


Shoes (similar)


My typical teaching outfit formula is 1 business item + 1 casual item, which here takes the form of casual tee + business loafers. The pants are a wildcard I guess–the added word I’m looking for might be playful, interesting, artsy? I saw a great definition of personal style lately as “when what you want to demonstrate inside matches your outsides” (sorry, can’t remember who said this!) and that made me realize that I want to look both competent/smart and warm/approachable/fun. So now I’m trying to strike that balance a bit more using fun clothing shapes or fun accessories!


Pants (Similar)


Bag is the Everlane Form bag–I see them on Poshmark!


Me: I want to look fun! * immediately wears all black*

Woops. It’s just a reflex when I’m short on time in the morning.


Dress (similar shape)




This is a fun casual office outfit–I had about 1000 long cardigans I used to wear, but lately I haven’t been reaching for them. A cropped cardigan, on the other hand, looks pretty nice with all the statement trousers that are “in” right now (don’t worry, they long cardigans are in storage for the day they make their return).

Sweater (similar)



That’s it this week! Hope you have a nice weekend!

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4 thoughts on “A month of reasonable professor work outfits: Week 3”

  1. Hi! I’m trying to replace my work shoes, and I really like the shoes in your Friday outfit. You mentioned in your week 2 post last week that you walk all over campus, and I do too (plus, I walk about 30 minutes to get to campus).

    Do you feel the Vivaia shoes are comfortable enough for that, or do you prefer to wear them days you don’t have to trek all over? I usually wear Mary Jane-style Keens, but they’re starting to fall apart, so I’m on the lookout for new shoes that are comfortable but look nice enough for teaching and grad school.



      1. Thanks! Makes total sense. I’m thinking maybe commuter shoes and then the flats for when I’m in my classrooms. (I’ll feel like I should be in 9 to 5 or Working Girl or something, ha!)


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