A month of reasonable professor work outfits: Week 4

It’s time to wrap up this month of business casual teaching outfits! As always, here is a week of outfits that are actually campus-friendly for women in academia. This week I tried to lean in to some early fall inspiration that can be layered later for additional warmth!


Are you a suit person at work? Most university professor settings don’t really require one, but I like to mix and match some suit pieces if I’m feeling extra fancy. This seafoam blazer has been getting a ton of use–it’s an almost-neutral, so it breaks up my black and white closet very well without being too bright!

It’s also definitely the year of the bodysuit in fashion–are you going for it? I love this one because it’s easy to layer under jackets, and now I’m wondering if I should pick up a few more!

Blazer (similar)

Bodysuit (similar)

Pants (20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)



I am still undecided on chunky loafers. I picked these up secondhand in the spring and they are extremely comfy, so this is a good chance to play with a trend that offers arch support (comfortable walking shoes on campus are a must for me). Still, they remind me of a shoe I might wear in a work uniform. Maybe my eyes just haven’t adjusted yet.

Dress (similar)


Bag is the Everlane Form bag if you’re thrifting!


The last time I tried socks with loafers the internet revolted, but I’m going for it again because they are a very easy AND cheap way to add interest to outfits that are feeling boring. I wear this dress and loafers together at least once a semester so I had to break it up!

Dress (20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)


Socks were like $3 at Target


This! Is! My new! Kim Possible Outfit!

Ugh I love it. I bought these cargo pants on a whim because I thought they would be a fun addition to my fall closet. They somehow feel sleek AND have a ton of pockets so I have no complaints!

Mockneck (similar)





Fridays are for easy fake jumpsuits and sneakers! I usually have no comments on my Friday outfit because that is exactly how I want it to feel, haha.


Pants (get 20% off both with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Button down


Thanks for tuning in to this month of professor outfits! You can catch up on week 1, 2, and 3 here. Or, see last year’s outfits here!

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