What’s on your fall wishlist?

I’ve got quite a fall shopping list going, what about you? Here are a few items I’m considering incorporating into my professor wardrobe in 2022!


I only have two pairs of boots right now, which is perfectly sufficient, yes, but I loooove ankle boots so I’ve been craving a couple updates.

The first is a pair of white boots:

I have settled on these because they are waterproof and have a very low heel, both of these are basically non-negotiable to me at this point.

Spoilers, I actually already fulfilled this wish! These boots are certainly chunky but I think they’re a fun statement. I sense I might need some moleskin on my heel the first time they leave the house. I say they run true to size if you have a narrow foot, or I would size up a size for a wider foot!

Next, I really wanted a pair of boots with a pointy toe:

Finding a pair that did not ALSO have a killer heel was such a challenge that when I saw this flat pair I just pounced. They run a bit big (maybe a half size) but they are sooo comfy and sharp looking. I’m very excited to wear them under wide leg pants, and they’ve already been worn once here!

A slip skirt

I’ve wanted a slip skirt for so long at this point it’s kind of ridiculous I’m still looking, and I’m not even sure why I’m still looking? Except that I know I want the skirt to be in a color I already have a sweater in so I can have a full monochrome winter moment. And I already have plenty of black and white skirts in my closet so it has to be a different color. Does anyone else impose ridiculous boundaries on their internet searches?

I think a rich brown skirt is the right option–will look chic with other neutrals AND will look great with my puffy brown sweater.

More fun accessories ?!

I’ve realized this summer that I really like a slightly edgy purse or shoe to add some fun to my outfits without a huge commitment. This realization occurred when I fell in love with this bag after renting it for a month:

I don’t think I need a ton of things in this category–I’ve been surprised, for example, by how much I’ve enjoyed having a single beaded necklace to layer on my regular stack of necklaces:

But I’m leaving this category mostly open, because I can’t really envision what I should be shopping for. Got any ideas?

What’s on your fall wishlist?!

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