A Month of Professor Work Outfits: Week 1

I really love seeing what people (actually) wear to work. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest inspo, but towering stilettos and runway-ready outfits passed off as “business casual” start to grate on me–who is actually comfy enough to work a 9-5 in that?? So, this month, I’ve decided to document all of my professor work outfits. Here’s week 1 of what I wore and what I wore it for!

Monday: Turtleneck + dress pants + ankle boots

Monday and Wednesday are my teaching days, so I like to look sharp with some dress pants–these Loft pants are truly my favorite pair. I’m not in a corporate environment, though (and that style isn’t super “me”) so I like to mix in casual stuff, like these ankle boots and this turtleneck. My coat is thrifted, if you browse for “wrap coats” on Poshmark you will see they are in abundance!

Tuesday: Mockneck + Blazer + Leggings

On Tuesdays, I have office hours and work on campus, so I like to look polished but also be as comfortable as possible for long hours writing at my desk. I hesitate to admit how many days a week I wear these pants (jk. It’s usually twice). With a blazer they look less like leggings (they do have back pockets, which helps with the illusion!). Also a mockneck tank top (keeps me from overheating in a blazer) and leopard flats, the universal symbol of getting stuff done.

Wednesday: Dress + ankle boots

Our weather has been unseasonably warm (65!) so I broke out my favorite black work dress and warmed it up with these brown sock boots and gold jewelry. It’s probably also about time I give a shout out to my work bag. I found mine secondhand–it fits a 13 inch laptop and I think it only looks cooler as it gets more broken in over time!

Thursday: Joggers + button down + chelsea boots

Thursdays I work from home, so the outfit better be as comfy as pajamas. This Loft shirt is my favorite–it’s drapey so it has the polish of a button down but feels more relaxed. With dressy joggers and flat boots I’m ready for my walk to the coffee shop to get stuff done.

Friday: Button down + leggings + long cardigan

For on-campus meetings and lesson prep for the next week, I’m in long layers once again. This Vetta dress also works as an open sweater, plus a popover top, which looks like a button down with none of the work. And sneakers. Cuz Friday.

See you next week for week 2! Or, see my month of September outfits here!

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