Interesting outfits with shorts

Is it just me, or does shorts season feel super boring? Somehow when I reach for a pair of shorts the outfit-making part of my brain stops. All I can think is to add a t-shirt. Here are some slightly-styled shorts outfits I’ve made lately to keep it interesting!

Twisty top and sandals

I really love pleated shorts right now (as you’re about to see, haha). I think they look best with a “delicate” sandal that isn’t chunky. It balances them out. I wore this with my most recent sewing project top!

Shorts (similar, under $20)


Pop of color

I love black and white anything! Lately I’ve been trying to add an unexpected or “weird” color into my black and white outfits. These olive green/or are they kinda yellow flats fit the bill.


Shorts (similar)



The year is 2001 and I’m listening to Now 6 after going to the CD store with my dad. Life is good.

Top (get 40% off Rent the Runway here)



Add a twist to your tee

I made a video of this trick but you know how we used to tie our tees with a hair tie? Do that, but do it on the inside of the shirt, and you’ll have this look!



Add a fun neckline

I know, broken record over here, but if I’m gonna wear shorts and a tank top all summer I’m trying to make it fun? I love the neckline on this tank for that very reason! Also, still wearing the heck out of my plastic-y Birks…do I need a second pair?

Tank (similar cut–green!)

Shorts (similar)


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4 thoughts on “Interesting outfits with shorts”

  1. The pleated shorts look great on you! I think earrings really help make shorts outfits interesting. And definitely love the idea of adding a pop of color with shoes.

    I love your blog. Now that you have short hair, have you changed up what hats you wear at all? I’d love a hat try-on 😉 I have hair that is a similar length to yours and feel like baseball caps look a little doofy on me because you can only see a tiny bit of my hair in the back. Currently searching for the perfect hat with chin strap that’s not too expensive but doesn’t look too hiker-esque in the city! Definitely a selfish post idea 😉

    Thanks for all the great posts you do!


    1. Thank you!! I’ll think about it! For now I just wear baseball caps anyway because it protects my part! I do have a straw hat from Madewell I like but it doesn’t have a strap!


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