Round up: Not-so-basic basics

I’m someone who loves a checklist, so when I see a “how to build a capsule wardrobe” infographic I’m all-in. This is how I ended up with too many basics. But I still love a closet staple, I just want it to be slightly more interesting these days. Here are some interesting basics I’ve seen lately and where I find them!

Better proportions

Basic doesn’t have to mean average cut. Going for oversized or sleek can change up an outfit while still looking understated. My favorite place for oversized is COS, which makes these giant tees (above). I just found one secondhand that is also in a fuzzy texture and will report back.

I also like the stuff Uniqlo is putting out under the “Uniqlo U” collection, which is very budget-friendly. They’re between seasons right now but I will be watching the page for restocks of stuff like this just-right oversized button down.

On the sleek side, this one-shoulder J. Crew tank is my new go-to (below).

Extra details

I’ve been wearing these embellished sandals every day this summer! A basic idea I’ve been following lately is “what am I wearing a lot?” and “how could that thing be more fun?” So my Tevas got a fun Y2K upgrade for summer!

This asymmetric neckline top seems like a fun look for fall (and it’s on sale).

On that note, another thing that I think could use a fun upgrade is my large collection of pull-on shorts. I wear a pair every day to go for walks or run errands–does anyone have a pair they like that’s shiny, or a fun color or something? Considering this pretty blue pair.

Anyone else doing a lot of window shopping right now? I would love to know what you’ve found!

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3 thoughts on “Round up: Not-so-basic basics”

  1. Thank you for this, Rebecca. I’m someone who loves the capsule idea and whose look tends toward minimalism, but then I can get bored. So this post/your ideas really resonated with me (and I appreciate your style!). My quest for interesting/statement pieces that are still very versatile brings me to (1) European, pretty high-end websites (e.g., Yoox, Wolf & Badger), and (2) black (but the heat!). I end up doing a lot of online shopping, also a lot of returning because I’m picky as well.


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