6 things I actually wear when it’s 100 degrees out

I have a really hard time figuring out what to wear when it’s 100 degrees out (or more). The truth is no clothing seems reasonable for extremely hot weather, and most sources of fashion inspo don’t account for these temperatures. So here are some outfits and closet essentials that I am actually wearing for high summer.

A floaty dress

A dress with decent arm coverage (because sun) that still doesn’t feel like it’s touching too many points on your body is a must. I just sewed this one (here’s the pattern if you wanna twin!) and I’m really appreciating how essential is it to avoid the summer heat.

Here are a few good ones:

Puff sleeve but make it sleek

Smock dress (I wear mine all the time)

Budget friendly shirt dress (love the blue color!)

Dress above worn with these sandals, which are my fave fancy pair for summer.

Linen shorts

My linen shorts collection keeps growing. Sure, they’re a tad wrinkly, but they feel light as air and can look really polished in a longer length–for everything from errand running to dinner and happy hours!

A few pairs I love:

Olive green

White tailored shorts (love the button detail)

Budget friendly

Tailored shorts

Did I mention shorts? Finding shorts I actually feel comfortable wearing and find flattering was a challenge when we moved to the desert. I found that I like shorts with a tailored appearance and a wider leg, and most denim shorts were just not fitting the bill. Once I threw out the “denim shorts are what you must wear all summer” rule I found out I could be much comfier AND feel cuter. Just a personal preference.

Here are a couple sharp-looking pairs:

Green pleated (similar to my above pair)

Black (and under $50!)

Chunky sandals

Molten parking lots = need a shoe that elevates your foot off the ground. Many modern pairs do not make the cut. Good thing chunky sport sandals are ~~in~~ right now because they are slightly more protective and supportive. I love a pop of color in the summer so here are fun pairs:

Sporty with pearls (Under $20! I’m buying these!)

Bright Birkenstocks

Cropped tank tops

I basically wear a cropped tank top every day. They go with my high waisted shorts, and if I get a sporty version it has a built-in sports bra and is moisture-wicking. It satisfies my need to feel sleek but also wear clothes that aren’t too precious for the heat.

Sports bra version

Just a tank top

A loose button down

I used to think it was bs to suggest a dress shirt for the summer but I reach for my white one all. the. time. because AC is CHILLY and I need a light layer I can throw in my car.


Budget pick

What else do you wear when it’s too dang hot outside? Please advise 🙂

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