What I Wore: Paris

Oops, I forgot to show you what I wore in Paris for my actual academic conference! Packing for 2 weeks of vacation plus a work conference had its challenges but it all turned out ok in the end. Here’s what I wore and a bit of what we did!

We arrived in Paris and it was a pretty rude awakening to get back to work after a week in Greece and a few days in Turkey. Fortunately, my packing list had a couple items in reserve for conferencing, so I broke out my blazer and got to networking!

Blazer (thrifted, similar)

Tank (similar for less)

Pants (similar for less)

Flats (just saw that they’re on sale!)

Zip top tote

Fortunately, the conference had views. Unfortunately, the conference ATM promptly ate my debit card. There was nothing to do but drink champagne about the situation.

I enjoyed using my blazer as chic outerwear because Paris was a bit chilly! Here I put it with my only “going out” top, an asymmetric tank top (which is old, but this one is cool, or this sleeve option).

We spent the first two days just heading out for food in between conference events, but by day three I could escape most events so we did! We set out to walk around Montmartre and then later the Latin Quarter (where we found the best vintage store omg).

Sweater (or a crewneck version here)

Wrinkle free shirt

Wrinkle free pants


The next day we really ditched the conference and took the train to Monet’s home in Giverny! It was such a lovely escape. We rode bikes from the train station to the house and the countryside was quite beautiful. I also found out Monet’s kitchen (below) was house goals.



The winner for the most elusive outfit was this t-shirt dress (I sewed this!). I wore it 3-4 times on our trip but somehow it never got photographed!

I was definitely running out of fresh clothes at some point–this was a top I bought in Istanbul! I was excited to see something that would remind me of all the evil eye symbolism we saw in Greece and Turkey–plus the embroidery on this top is just really cool!

This was the first trip I’ve been on where I thought “well, I like clothes, they might as well be my souvenir” and just went with it! I had a lot of fun looking for unique pieces in each location.

At this point, you might be worried that all I did was walk around in Paris, but fear not. There was also cheese. Lots of it. And that was a great way to end the trip 🙂

Thanks for following along on my conference travels! See the whole packing list here or more packing posts here!

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