Work outfits lately plus some Friday links

Here’s what I’ve worn to work lately! Plus what I’ve been reading.

This outfit was my favorite this week. I had a darker tan pair of these Sam Edelman Petty boots last year and considered replacing them with a pure white pair to be ~~trendy~~ but couldn’t quite commit. This barely off-white pair (in suede, not leather) is the sweet spot where I could make them look trendy or low key. I liked being a little matchy-matchy with boots and pants.

If you want my review of these pants, you can find it here!

Also, an ode to short sleeve sweaters? They’re so amazing. The weight is just perfect when I feel like wearing a t shirt to work but want something with coverage (no bra lines) that is also sweatproof (such teacher problems!).

Shirt: Thrifted (similar knit)

Pants: Everlane

Shoes: Sam Edelman (In abundance on Poshmark if you type in the style name, Petty).

I talked about this Paris Bloom dress on my instagram this week–it’s the best work dress I’ve tried on in a long time and I’m very thankful to them for gifting it to me. It’s hard to find ethically produced clothing that are meant for the office and this dress is perfect! Plus the pleats give it a little retro vibe. I played around with knotting a shirt over the top, too and I love it. Already wore it to work this week, already planning to wear it again next week!

Paris Bloom is offering 15% off orders if you use the code REBECCA if you want to shop with a discount!

Also, the knotted shirt in question is from Brass ($30 off your first purchase here) and I loooove it. I just grabbed it off Poshmark. The weight is substantial–feels like a vintage blouse and drapes really well. I wore this with pants to work last week and felt like a classy boss, Dana Scully style.

I know that matching shoes with belts is a menswear rule but I’ve been enjoying trying it out lately. I don’t wear a lot of gray but enjoyed matching my gray loafers (which are the most comfy!!!) with a thrifted belt this week.

Also, these pants are my #1 instagram bait–they always get the most likes, which I think is funny, but olive is a pretty great color and I’ve had them in my work rotation for a while so I AGREE INTERNET! They’re the Gap Skinny Ankle Pant–they don’t come in green this year, but I like the cut of them a lot.

Here’s what I’ve read this week:

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