What I wore for fake fall

The Faux Fall 10×10 challenge has ended! Here’s what I ended up wearing. Plus, rating my own outfits, and the items that ended up in the giveaway pile.

The goal of a 10×10 is to flex your styling muscles and see how much you can do with what you already own. Here are my picks again:

My three favorite outfits all involved warm brown/caramel colors. My absolute favorite was my mockneck tank top with my brown blazer:

As one of my lovely instagram friends pointed out, this is me channeling my inner Dana Scully. And she is goals! 10/10 for this combo.

My second favorite combo: snakeskin heels and my taupe belt. Matching the accessory colors made me feel pulled together.

Third place goes to this brown/white/olive combo. I have been appreciating my weekend wear more now that I actually have to be a little business casual at work, so I’ll take any chance to reunite with my sneakers that I can.

The thing about 10×10 challenges is that they reward creative outfit combos. But sometimes I just want to throw on a dress and call it a day. This outfit felt weather appropriate (mid-80s) but still had some fall vibes.

Aaand lastly three outfits I ended up feeling were just so-so. But I did learn some things putting them together:

  • I am still not a pencil skirt person (I only wore it once) and would be better served by an a-line black skirt.
  • My white jeans might not work as well as a looser pair due for hot weather.
  • My tan blazer is just less comfy than my brown one.

I appreciate doing outfit challenges like this at the start of a new season. All of the above insights help me to make my “to replace,” “to give away” and “to try again” lists of clothes. What’s on your fall wishlist?

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