Reviews: Products I bought to solve problems and whether they worked or not

Well, that’s a long winded title, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do in todays post! So much of marketing exists to convince us we have a problem we can buy our way out of. Most of these claims are overstated. Some of them turn out to be kind of true. Here are some problems I’ve tried to address lately and reviews of the products that accompanied my crusade against them…

Problem: Dry cleaning bills.


The Laundress Delicates Wash

I just finished this bottle and it was just as good as everyone says and now I’m off to buy more. It cleans silks really well (I pop them in the sink with a capful of this detergent for 10 minutes), but it also cleans anything and everything I want to handwash. I later bought their whites detergent (jury is still out on if it brightens and lifts sweat stains) and their cashmere spray (hard to prove if this works because it’s supposed to deter moths from your lovely sweaters–so the absence of proof is proof here).

Sweat Guards

The only thing left to dry clean after the Launderess entered my life was blazers. To prolong time between washes, I picked up these sweat guards on Amazon. They do work, but they aren’t error-proof. They often slip down my shirts throughout the day and they occasionally leave sticky stuff on silky fabrics (like blazer lining). I also don’t like how much trash they generate. I might switch to a fancy technical undershirt in the future but am unsure about which one to pick.

Problem: I am not a naturally dewy person.


Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This did nothing for me. I saw no difference. I did not wake up looking more like a well rested goddess.

Weleda Skin Food

This stuff really does make my dry skin look very very dewy. It’s kind of amazing, except that it’s also very sticky and not an ideal base for makeup. I like it on makeup free days for a bit of a natural glow.

Problem: I hate mascara.



One of my zumba teachers, whose eyelashes always look amazing (during Zumba?!? How?!) told me she uses this. I am on week 7 of using it and so far the results are lackluster on me. It really agitated my skin for the first couple weeks so it is sort of like trading one “I woke up like this” (long eyelashes) for another (puffy eyes). I am starting to see results now but they’re really subtle. Many reviewers said it takes a long time to really work. I think I’m too impatient to repurchase.

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