Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pant, Straight Leg Pant & Utility Barrel Pant Review: How they compare

I found this pair of pants at Buffalo Exchange several weeks ago and I instantly LOVED them–after some googling I found out that they are the Everlane Straight Leg Crop. Here’s why I’ve found them to be delightful for work outfits, plus how the straight leg crop pant and straight leg pant (Everlane’s new, longer version) and the new Utility Barrel Pant compare!

Everlane straight leg crop pant

Straight Leg Crop: The straight leg crop comes in some lovely neutrals for work, including this “bone” or some other fancy word for off-white. The high waist on these makes them look somewhat adult, but there is just something about these pants that says “yeah, I have an office job, but I’m still kind of young” Which is pretty much how I want to feel and look if I must dress up.

Everlane straight leg crop pant

I have worn them for a casual day on campus with converse and a striped top. I felt cute despite my need to proofread a final exam. Is it the super-high rise? The ambiguous inseam? That these pants are so borderline-ugly they are cute? Yes, yes, and yes. I usually wear them with flats like this or white sneakers.

Everlane straight leg crop pant

Then I switched into a tank top and flats and wore these to dinner. I felt, vaguely, like I was attempting to adhere to a country club dress code. Yet I also felt like a huge hipster, which was very appropriate for our rooftop drinks agenda in Denver.

Some notes on sizing: I thrifted these in a size 6, my usual pant size. The internet reviews say to size down one. I can see how that would make the waist tighter but 1) who wants that after eating a bunch of tater tots for dinner on a roof and 2) I have a pretty straight waist-to-hip ratio (my pants don’t usually gap in the back) so I found sticking to my usual size to be a better choice.

Everlane straight leg crop pant

A couple other things: these pants basically always have some creasing near the crotch. From what I can see, they do this on just about everyone. I have learned to live with it but if it really bothers you you might want to pass.

Also, the pockets make some visible lines on the front of the pants. A weird trick I’ve learned is to sort of scrunch the pockets up (versus putting your hands in them to smooth them out to their full length). Somehow this disguises the lines.

The Straight Leg Pant: Everlane has now released these pants in a full length version and I just had to try them out. Here are my pairs, side by side, for your comparison.

I had the hem on the cropped version taken out from its original 25.6″, so as you can see the inseams are very similar (the straight leg pant inseam is 28.5″). This is exciting for me because I’m 5’11”, so I’m hoping to release the hem on the full-length version to get a little closer to a 30″ inseam. The fit feels exactly the same otherwise.

I was worried that having two pairs of the exact same pant would be overkill, but I love both colors so much. My original pair is similar to the current sandstone color and my new pair is golden brown. The only real dilemma is if I need them in corduroy, too.

The Utility Barrel Pant: Ok, this is another update on this review because I was intrigued by Everlane’s new Utility Barrel Pant and went searching for images of them and found very few! I was interested but also wondered if they would be too similar to my straight leg crops:

Everlane utility barrel pant

As you can see they are pretty similar with a few differences. The leg is wider throughout but somehow not at the end of the pant (see below) and there is a stitching detail near the bottom that is, alas, not a hem (so there’s no way to really let this pair out for length). The cut feels flattering and I think it’s this pocket detail–the pocket doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the pant and instead the seam starts on the front of the pant and curves down the side (hard to explain but you can see it in the side by side below). And, lastly, the fabric feels slightly softer. In conclusion, they’re a more summery vibe and the silhouette is just intriguing enough that I will be keeping them (also worn with this tank).

I haven’t bought a pair of pants for teaching and work that I have liked this much in a long time. So I had to share for those who are just as picky as me. As a heads up, if you click on an Everlane link before checking out I make a little commission, which helps me keep my domain registered! Want some more Everlane reviews? Right this way!

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

8 thoughts on “Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pant, Straight Leg Pant & Utility Barrel Pant Review: How they compare”

  1. My biggest problem with just about every pant these days is the short inseam. I’m petite in that I wear a size 25 but I’m also 5’6 with long legs. So the 26-28 inseam looks stupid on me. Just too short to look intentional. Also I live in a rainy climate, my ankles get cold!


    1. I hear this!!! I’m hoping we will come back around to full length inseams sometime soon…but as someone who is about to move somewhere really hot, I hope these will give me just a little bit of relief if I must wear pants! 🙂


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