Product review: Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pant

I found this pair of pants at Buffalo Exchange several weeks ago. I usually don’t buy pants online because of my height and needing to see the length in person, and this gave me the perfect chance to try out a trendy pair. After some searching I found that they are the Everlane Straight Leg Crop and sell for $68. Not bad for a pair of dress pants. Here’s why I’ve found them to be delightful for work…

I’ve already picked up a thrifted pair of chinos this year. I love the lighter color–more of a “bone” or some other fancy word for off-white than my white jeans. And the high waist on chinos this year makes them look more “adult.”

After picking up this Everlane pair I think I’ll be listing my other pair on Poshmark. There is just something about these pants that says “yeah, I have an office job, but like, whatever, you know?” Which is pretty much how I want to feel and look if I must dress up.

First, I wore them for a casual day at school with converse and a striped top. I felt like a mild badass despite my need to proofread a final exam and clean out my office desk. Is it the super-high rise? The ambiguous inseam? That these pants are so borderline-ugly they are cute? Yes, yes, and yes.

Then I switched into a tank top and flats and wore these to dinner. I felt, vaguely, like I was attempting to adhere to a country club dress code. Yet I also felt like a huge hipster, which was very appropriate for our rooftop drinks agenda in Denver.

A word on sizing: I thrifted these in a size 6, my usual pant size. The internet reviews say to size down one. I can see how that would make the waist tighter but 1) who wants that after eating a bunch of tater tots for dinner on a roof and 2) I have a pretty straight waist-to-hip ratio (my pants don’t usually gap in the back) so I found sticking to my usual size to be a better choice.

In conclusion, I haven’t bought a pair of pants for teaching and work that I have liked this much in a long time (my other fave pair, if you need dress pants). So I had to share, for those who are just as picky as me.

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2 thoughts on “Product review: Everlane Straight Leg Crop Pant”

  1. My biggest problem with just about every pant these days is the short inseam. I’m petite in that I wear a size 25 but I’m also 5’6 with long legs. So the 26-28 inseam looks stupid on me. Just too short to look intentional. Also I live in a rainy climate, my ankles get cold!


    1. I hear this!!! I’m hoping we will come back around to full length inseams sometime soon…but as someone who is about to move somewhere really hot, I hope these will give me just a little bit of relief if I must wear pants! 🙂


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